18 January 2018


We had lovely holidays, both Thanksgiving (where we walked to our neighbors house, rather than travel to another state for the day), and Christmas, cozy and warm at home.  After Thanksgiving, it was our annual two-day holiday craft market that I do with friends...always fun and always busy.

The kids have been enjoying the snow.  Little F has quite the tolerance for cold (and it has been COLD!) and will play for so long out in the snow.  

Adam has been working on logging and getting the wood cut for next winter.  I've been staying busy with homeschooling, cooking, baking (my first attempt at a cinnamon star, and Adam's Grandma's pierogis made when his brother's family came for a visit)  and crafting (Oliver and S "Garden Party dress" and this scarf (along with daily chores, of course).

AND, the most exciting news of 2018, we are expecting baby 5 in May! 

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  1. p.s. Love the photo of your lovely children. They each have such a unique personality in their stance and expressions, more so than one normally sees in children their age. It's as though, in each, you can see the adult they will someday be. Please tell them that someone online said that they are lovely and interesting, with strong unique personality. Very sweet. :-)


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