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13 September 2015


It's been 12 years since Adam and I married under a willow tree surrounded by our families and some close friends.  It is my Nana's 82nd birthday.
Over the past several years, she has gotten more and more frail from dementia and in just the past couple of weeks, she can no longer clearly carry on a conversation.
My Nana was my favorite person throughout my childhood...she was kind, goofy, easy-going.
I celebrate this anniversary with mixed emotions--struggling with the 'saying good-bye' to her and the fact that I can't be more helpful to my family that lives near her, but thankful for the special relationship I had with my Nana and so thankful for these years of marriage.

13 September 2014


Adam and I celebrated our anniversary today.  Adam had his first day off milking since last October and so we took the kids camping, which we hadn't done in years.  We camped in our woods on our wedding night, and then camped are way across the U.S. on our this was a fitting way to spend our anniversary.  
Then we took the kids to the Tunbridge Fair for the first time.  We all enjoyed the wonderful "museum" area there where people in costume acted out village life 150 years ago.  A great way to spend our anniversary.  

13 September 2013

10 years long, 80 years old

It was 10 years ago that Adam and I were married, on my Nana's 70th birthday, next to a pond down a little dirt road in Vermont.
Happy birthday, Nana!  And happy anniversary, Adam!