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02 September 2016

This mix of pictures pretty much sums up our August.  Lots of farm work punctuated with days at the lake with friends, days inside canning and days at farmers' market.
I have worked hard this summer to try and prioritize breaks.  Breaks from weeding and harvesting and canning and housework.  In the past, I've looked back at our summer months and realized I had not taken the kids swimming or on a hike or to visit friends nearly as much as I had hoped to.  So, this summer I made a point to do that.  I'm behind in canning and my herb garden is overgrown, but August was full and fun.

a day at our friends' airstream "cottage" on lake st catherine
one of the many cantaloupes we snuck from our farmstand
spicy dill pickles
an afternoon with our college friends (and their kids) on lake beebe
an after-bedtime load of hay
cantaloupe vanilla bean jam (which ended up more like a sauce)
a day trip to visit adam's family near boston
farmers' market
an afternoon at our friend's home on lake bomoseen
back to homeschool (sort of)
a surprise while doing chicken chores--raspberries are ripening

15 August 2016

around the farm

My sister has been visiting and we've been so busy harvesting, processing, canning, marketing and just caring for 6 kiddos.  She's helped so much with the onion harvest, getting a straw load in the barn, harvesting for farmers' markets, making wonderful homegrown's been great to have her and her kids around.

We've been blessed with a couple decent rainfalls in the past several weeks, so although we are still dryer than normal, the crops are doing much better now.

We have some happy piglets and two calves on the farm right now (the one in the picture is Tulip, a future milk cow for us). 

The weeds are doing *very* well this year and we are switching modes to mostly harvesting now, so our gardens are looking more overgrown.  My flowers around the house are also getting very overgrown...with morning glories mostly.  They seem to come up everywhere here.  

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

15 June 2016

around the farm

and catching up

It was a busy week last week!

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

22 January 2016

these days

Cold and bright...
the cows have been spending these sunny days outside,
the chickens still prefer the warmth of the high tunnel, where we've been wintering them this year
and my favorite spot is knitting next to the woodstove

17 December 2015

around the farm

Been a while since I have posted an 'around the farm' post.  
Many December days have been warm and sunny and the animals are loving it.

Milk cows in the sun
"the cub"
Manure pile gone-spread on the fields
Chickens in the high tunnel
Calves in the barn

What is going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

19 August 2015

around the farm

For years, I have been using my old lenses (many from the 70s) with an adaptor on my digital camera.  I found a great deal on a used digital lens that actually allows me to use more features on my camera.  No more ultra manual everything-ha!  I realize now how I could never get a good, crisp focus (despite those high quality lenses) because of that adaptor.  

Anyway--busy, hot days on the farm!  Missing this past weekend when we got to spend every day at our favorite swimming hole while some dear friends were up visiting.

always helping Papa
tomatoes and melons
hand plows (...and stroller)
selling so much corn at the farmstand
the barn
Becky (everyone's favorite)
learning to pump
overgrown flowers- 
(I don't have the heart to pull the morning glories that keep taking over)
overgrown ferns
'volunteer' sunflowers
fermenting cukes (and the great view from my pantry)

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?