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17 October 2012

something new

Last year, a group of our church friends helped us build our lean-to.  This year,
a group got together to help Adam construct our new high tunnel.
We applied for a grant for this high tunnel (which covers the materials) and 
we're so blessed to have helpful (and able!) friends to help with the actual construction.
A sweet couple came just to bring a delicious homemade lunch! 
We are filled with gratitude, Adam is planning away on how he will use it and
I'm a bit overwhelmed by the size! ;)

08 October 2011


today, with the help of many friends (many who traveled hours to be here), we had a "barn"-raising. a lean-to-raising, really.

i'm awed that they built it in a day.

i'm awed by how wonderfully everyone worked together and how joyfully, too.

i'm humbled by how many hands were willing to help, even to feed, us all.

and i'm thrilled with our new space--a place to clean and sort our harvest, a place shelter us from the storms, a place to gather together.