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19 October 2016

the colors this year

I feared that the dry weather we've had all summer would affect the fall colors this year, but they are more vibrant than ever!  

I can't help but snap photos wherever I go...
driving around during Z's piano lessons,
a family drive in our town,
a bikeride to town,
a foggy morning on the farm,
our annual Hubbardton Battlefield fall photo of the kids...

And I have more pictures to come!  ;)  

28 August 2014

something special

Peter Huntoon, a local artist, recently came and spent a morning painting at our farm as part of his "A Day in Vermont" series..
He happened to pick my favorite view...
the zinnias, the sunflowers, the chard and dill,
our first tractor,
the barn,
and the woodshed in the background.
It is so beautiful.  We love how he captured our farm.
Stop by and visit his page --Scroll down to watch the video of him painting at our farm!