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15 April 2015

Z is 8!

Our 8 year old!

1 day old

3 days old

5 years old

This little man is such a hard worker.  And as my friend said today, a truly genuine little man.
His easy-going, observant and thoughtful personality is such a blessing in our family (with some other rather intense my own) ;)

We rarely eat out, so the kids get to choose a special meal for their birthday and he chose chinese food.  His bapche (grandma) visited from a few hours away with dinner and cake (of his choice as well).  The sun shone and we spent hours outside today.  It was a great day celebrating this great kid!  Happy birthday,  Z-man!  

10 March 2015

in the kitchen, on the needles

*Almost* done with K's birthday blanket...just a wee bit late.  
He requested a blanket, picked out the color and the pattern and it's been a fun one to knit (I rarely knit large projects like this).  The chunky yarn and size 13 needles makes it go quickly for a blanket. 

The start of sugaring season has us thinking maple all the time--so we're enjoying the last of our 2014 maple syrup with homemade waffles and pancakes (using the Nourishing Tradition's fresh ground 5 grain mix).

23 February 2015


Practicing back handsprings.

We returned from Chicago just in time to celebrate K's birthday on Saturday.  My serious, thoughtful, and creative guy is 11!  
The train ride home was exhausting.  It was 3 hours late leaving, which meant I was trying to keep F happy (or sleeping) in the train station until 12:30am (1:30 our time).
Then we ended up an additional 4 hours late, which meant we didn't arrive back to Albany until 10pm (we were supposed to arrive at 3pm).  The drive from Albany was another 2 hours.  So, we technically made it home on K's birthday, 28 hours after stepping into Union Station in Chicago.

So, Saturday was pretty low-key.  He invited a friend over and they built legos and we had ice cream sundaes since I didn't get a chance to make an ice cream cake.

I'm missing my sister and her family, but I'm so thankful for the chance to meet my little niece so soon after she was born.  It certainly was a big trip (and a lot of extra work for Adam here on the farmstead). 

21 January 2015


Celebrating with friends and family.

Opening her ABC on Old Gates Farm book that we made for her.
The paper birthday banner we made.
Her cake made by Auntie Em.

Today!  Wearing her special new jumper made by her "meme" (grandma).

Micah's special birthday picture for her.

Fortunately, we had a special birthday party for our little farmgirl when my sister was visiting a couple weeks ago...because she is just beginning to feel better today (but probably not up for eating cake!)  

Two years ago, on a very cold and sunny day, she surprised us by arriving a week early...stealing all of our hearts.  This little girl gets so much loving from her big brothers and gives so much back through her smiles and snuggles.  We love her so!  

20 January 2015

phyllis mouse

Our little farmgirl is turning 2 tomorrow!  It is so bittersweet for me.  I love the little person she is becoming, but I'm so sad that my baby is growing so fast!

Last year, I made her a Maggie Rabbit, which she just recently started to carry around and love.  This year, I decided to make her Phyllis Mouse (which I'm guessing she may end up calling Maisy, since we are all fans of Maisy books here).  

Hoping little Fenna feels much better for her birthday tomorrow!  She is the final one in the house to end up getting the stomach bug.  (It did end up going through all of the kids).

Joining Nicole this week.

01 May 2014

Micah's 4!

a day old

a year old



birthday boy!

Our bold little boy is 4!  It's amazing for me to look at that baby photo--such a tiny, calm baby filled with such a busy, bold personality!  He is quick and funny, endlessly busy, full of imagination, an eager helper, and often called "the tornado" by his brothers.  Life is never dull with Micah around--we love him so!

15 April 2014

Z's 7!

1 day old

months old

1 year old

1 year old

My big guy!
Birthday boy!

Zenon is 7!  This guy has the biggest heart and endless patience.  He loves farming and wants to be just like Almanzo Wilder (for his birthday, he just wanted a church suit, a wool vest, work boots and a straw hat!)  He is also a little jokester who is always trying to make everyone laugh.  We love you, Z!

(I wish I had more photos to post, but our "dead" computer had most of our photos on it)

21 February 2014


Days old

months old




Celebrating 10 years of life with this guy!
Kaylo keeps our lives full of laughs and learning...
We love you so!

21 January 2014

Fenna's 1!

Our farmbaby is 1 today! 
She has brought so much joy to our family and we all enjoy her smiles and snuggles. 
She adores all of her brothers and is rarely alone because there is always a brother to play with!
Happy, happy birthday to Fenna!  We love you so.

She's here!  Photo #1 on Adam's old cellphone because we forgot the camera!
A little skin-to-skin in Papa's shirt.
Just a few days old.
1 month old (on Kaylo's 9th birthday)

2 months old

3 months old
4 months old

5 months old

6 months old

7 months old

8 months old

9 months old (on mama's birthday)

10 months old

11 months old
  I did type up her birth story but will not be posting it on the blog.
But if any of my blogging friends would like to read it, just leave your email in the comments and I would be happy to share it!  :)