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02 February 2015

these days

m's falcons

First, I'm so excited to announce the arrival of our first niece (after 6 nephews)!  My sister (who just flew with my nephew a couple weeks ago to visit) had a baby girl on Thursday night about 3.5 weeks early.  Everyone is doing really well and little Estella went home just in time to be snug at home before the snowstorm hit Chicago.

These bitter snowy days have meant a lot of time inside...
working on our bird studies
knitting, reading, rocking
and even time inside for the littlest animals in the farm.

I've also started another online college course to slowly finish up my prerequisites for becoming a lactation consultant.  Which means many more nights like this.   

Hope everyone is staying warm!

29 May 2014

in the wee hours

Some of my absence from the blog this winter was because I took a class...
my first class in more than 10 years!  
I'm slowly working on finishing up some pre-requisites before I start apprenticing to become a lactation consultant.  I can only handle 1 class at a time...mostly because all of my studying happens in the wee hours between 9pm and 12am.  (Formerly known as my crafting and blogging hours).
This is what school looks like for me.