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20 August 2016

missing family

I love that having visitors makes you do more venturing around your own area, even when you are spending a good chunk of the visit canning, harvesting and caring for six kids. 

We are missing my sister and her two kids after they spent a week here.  She was so helpful around the farm, and we were able to squeeze in a visit to Wonderfeet Museum, the Japanese gardens, Farm to Ballet at Shelburne Farms, and our favorite bakery.  We enjoyed the meteor shower on a blanket in the front yard, and took a night swim at our favorite river spot.

Wishing we lived closer, but oh-so-thankful that they made the big trip out to see us!

16 July 2016

camp jacoby

The kids and I are back after our fun, full adventure to visit family.  

18 September 2015

missing them

We enjoyed a visit from my sister's family this past week, and miss them so much already.
My sister and I canned a lot of food (this corn salsa is so good!), took the kids to our favorite book store, and spent a lot of time just playing and working around the farm.

01 August 2015

catching up

We arrived home Wednesday evening, just in time to harvest for farmers' market.  
It's a bit surreal harvesting on our farmstead in Vermont in the evening, when just that morning you were traveling on public transit through Chicago with four little ones.

Yesterday, I was back to work at our co-op and last night I attended a party for our outgoing general manager.

Today, a friend came over to help me catch up on blueberry picking and weeding.  We welcomed a new little heifer to our farm, moved the chickens, cooked and baked...

Tonight, the kids were running and biking through the yard while I weeded my herb garden...I think we're getting back into the groove here.