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01 December 2016



I apologize to any of you who follow our farm account on instagram.  I have barely used my camera the whole month of November, so most of these photos were taken with my ipod and many, if not all of them, were shared on instagram already.

The month of November was so full... so full that I didn't think of grabbing my camera.  I can hardly keep up with the daily tasks of cooking and laundry, it seems, so I didn't think of posting on the blog.

The frosty days of early November (seen on the lovely autumn blueberry leaves) brought the kids and me inside most of the time.  It felt like a big deal to go out and dig the last row of carrots.  It's so funny how without realizing it, we go from such full days outside to full days inside that even harvesting seems out of routine when just a month earlier we had farmers' markets.

Being inside more means I am crafting a lot!  I finished F's Tiny Tea Leaves sweater and made myself, not one, but two Fen dresses!  I am so happy with how they turned out.  I had picked up some beautiful fabric and the pattern on my birthday weekend away in Portland, Maine.

Adam finished splitting the slab wood for sugaring seasoning, just in time for snow.

I helped a dear friend for a day cutting balsam for wreaths.  We only got through 8 of her 50 balsam bunches--wreath-making is no joke!

The kids got one good sledding afternoon in before the weather warmed again.

We spent Thanksgiving day with Adam's family (and got to snuggle up our baby niece the whole time).  And came back to the largest market I do with crafts--two full days of selling hand-made goods with several of my closest friends.  It was a great market this year!

In any of the spare moments I have, I'm trying to work on the gifts I plan to make for family and friends.  Looks like it will be a very full December, too.

07 June 2016

Our M

Adam's mom came up to visit recently and she brought up a belated birthday party for M.  A homemade cake of his choice, fun sea creature party plates and some new art supplies for him.  They aren't the supplies you see him using in the linocut photos, those are my new supplies which he quickly grabbed to start a new linocut picture.  He designed the tractor and did most of the carving himself.  He's such a creative little guy, our M.  

My mother-in-law also interviewed the kids about me as a belated Mother's Day gift.  Three out of four of them said my favorite food was tofu (or a tofu related dish), the thing I'm really good at is cooking and I relax by knitting!  Very sweet (but my favorite food is yogurt!) ;)  

03 May 2016


I sewed a dress!  ...and it fits (mostly...I am a bit unhappy with how wide the neck is, but I'm already working on a shirt with the same pattern and altering the neck).

It's a bit funny that I posed by tulips, as the fabrics I chose resemble a dutch costume (my favorite one) that any local to my hometown would recognize.  

This is the pattern that Melody shared a couple weeks ago that got me tempted to try and sew.  I started with F's tunic and then tried out the dress

Joining Nicole this week...

And joining Melody here:

19 April 2016

toddler tunic

I know I've said again (and again) I can't really sew.  I mean, I can sew a straight line--
a simple blanket, a simple skirt, a simple bag.
I have been wanting to push myself a bit, and when I saw this pattern on Melody's blog, I asked a friend if she had a pattern similar to it (or the actual pattern) as she has a large pattern collection.  She mentioned that Joann's was having a pattern sale and grabbed it for me, along with a few others for me to try.  She knows me well and looked for patterns that did not include buttons, zippers, or anything beyond my simple sewing skills.
This is a tunic pattern she picked up and the night I got it, I stayed up way too late finishing it... but I am happy to say that I followed the pattern and it actually turned out!  
It has gotten me excited to attempt a dress for myself... I'll keep you posted!  

Joining in with Nicole this week...

13 April 2016

what i've been working on

With Mother's Day in mind, I've been working on some projects for the Mama Collaborative shop.  I'm having fun using my linocuts on fabric and have a lot of ideas floating around my head...I just need some more supplies.  :)

22 March 2016

cerisier en fleurs

I have been eyeing these dresses on ravelry since little F was born.  And, like usual, in the middle of many other projects, I dropped all of them to work on something new.  I wanted to get this done before Easter and I ended up finishing it in just a few days last week, so F wore it to church this past weekend.  Honestly, she has been wearing it every day since I finished it, so I'm thinking of making another shorter one as a play dress.  She chose the fabric, the Madeline Tosh yarn is the same that I'm using for another project I'm working on.  (Don't mind the shiner on her forehead...she had a little accident with a chair this week) ;)

Joining Nicole this week.

15 March 2016

little fox

I have been playing around with making linocuts to stamp fabric first project is this little fox, which is now listed at our Mama Collaborative etsy shop!  

I'm really enjoying making simple prints and can't wait to try out other ideas. 

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29 February 2016

Mama Collaborative


I am so excited, pleased, honored and proud to be announcing the grand opening of Mama Collaborative!
A couple of months ago I was invited to join a group of extremely talented and creative mother-artisans in a virtual community of support.  Together we’ve quietly been working behind the scenes in preparation for our shop to open in early March.
It has been so inspiring and exciting to watch what these women have been making!  For our first stocking we had kind of a loose spring theme.  Stop by our shop tomorrow!
Here are the wonderful women behind Mama Collaborative:

Melody: A yarn obsessed, homeschooling mother of five, aspiring designer and artisan of life. Her creativity and children run amuck in a messy house and untamed garden, in a wild wood, on a mountain in New England. Melody blogs at

Kim: I am a homeschooling mama to one, a writer, nature lover, dreamer, foodie, lover of all things handmade, and a creative doer. I am happy to be here with these other inspiring mamas.  Kim blogs at

Melanie: Home school mama to five in New England. We spend our days together creating all sorts of things, attempting to garden, reading good books, and observing the natural world, where we draw much inspiration.

Tonya: So happy to be working with these other women to share our creative pursuits. As a mom of seven children, I find joy and beauty in the daily ordinary of raising a family, keeping up with our homestead dreams, and helping to run a family business. Tonya blogs at

Jules: Hello, I'm Jules and I'm delighted to be with these inspiring women. I am a mama, a wife, and a shepherd who loves all things woolly. We are raising our three kids on a farm in BC, trying to make as much of our own food, clothing, and furniture.

Elizabeth: Mama to three unschooled boys :: Tiny house living :: Off grid homesteader :: Lover of wool :: Maker of natural goods :: blogs at


Find us on Instagram @mamacollaborative and "like" us on Facebook

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