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11 February 2016



This year we decided to make seed packet valentines.  I ordered some blank seed envelopes from etsy and the kids worked on special artwork.  I printed their artwork small enough to fit on the seed packs and they filled them with flower seeds.  

I love all of the details on M's valentine artwork.  

Tonight we're working on donuts in the heart-shaped donut pan I bought on impulse (and super sale) after Valentine's day years ago.  Treats for story hour tomorrow!  :)

27 January 2016

what i've been crafting...

scrappy hot pads
scrappy bib/burpcloth 
chamomile ginger soap

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19 January 2016

what we've been working on

We've been busy creating and crafting here.  And if you follow our instagram, you've probably seen all of these projects.  (@oldgatesfarm)

I am trying out some small organic cotton washcloths on my loom.  Hopefully they wash up well--and don't shrink too much--or I'll have a lot of tiny washcloths. 

We read a book about Harriet Powers, a quilter, and M wanted to make a story quilt about wolves.  It was his first time using the sewing machine (with a little help from mama).  

The mermouse and book from Slate Falls Press is for little Farmgirl's birthday.  It came as a kit add-on to the book.  It was quick and fun to make.

The boys converted an old garden cart into a wagon for their cub cadet.  I'm sure it will be very useful this spring and summer.

What are you busy working on?

24 November 2015

our annual holiday market

Today I was busy packing up crafts for our annual holiday market on Friday and Saturday.  
We are headed down to Connecticut tomorrow for a quick visit with Adam's family and then headed back on Thanksgiving night.  

I'm looking forward to these busy days ahead.  

10 November 2015

our current favorite

M's first linocut

Z's linocut

One of K's several prints

The kids have been wanting to learn how to make linoleum prints.  I ordered some softer carving blocks for the kids.  M was so excited that he started working on his print while I was processing applesauce and couldn't really help him.  He was so proud of his print that he carefully cleaned his stamp and took it to bed with him that night.  :)

I am not great at making detailed prints, but really enjoy trying.  The final three are some of the ones I've worked on this week.  It is definitely our favorite craft right now.

27 October 2015

always making something...

Though I haven't done much crafting this week, we are always busy making things here...

costumes--M's felt wolf mask (which was too big, passed onto Z and we ended up making another smaller one)

caramel dip--this recipe with honey instead of sugar and (raw) milk instead of heavy cream and no corn syrup

stamps, glue and scissors...always fun

homemade deodorant--based off of this recipe, with added beeswax and tweaked amounts of things

kombucha--bottling up my second batch (ever).  first batch, refermented with our grape juice and fresh ginger, was a success!

And I think I never posted this--but M is always (always) drawing.  This is his portrait of himself with F and me.  I love it.  And I almost always have F in one arm and a coffee in the other. ;)

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22 October 2015


I've been knitting up these Blue Leaf headbands with peace fleece yarn and both branch buttons and these lovely buttons from Natalie.  A quick, fun knit.

Also, I finally finished Z's birthday quilt.  He loved a small patchwork blanket that my sister gave me, and he also loves Johnson Wool (still made in VT!), so I bought their scraps (pre-cut into 8 inch squares and available by the pound) to make a wool patchwork quilt.  I used a very soft, flannel flat sheet that was an unused spare we had as the back.  

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08 September 2015

rainbow unicorn

M's best buddy has decided to have a "rainbow unicorn party" for her 5th birthday.
I envisioned making a unicorn gift (thinking of a friend's wonderful creations), but I'm not good enough at sewing to make my own pattern.  I found a good pattern in DelilahIris etsy shop and used supplies I had on hand.  

With pipe cleaners in the legs, it stands quite well and I'm very happy how it turned out.  Fenna loves it too and wanted me to take a picture of her with it. 

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26 May 2015

k's printmaking

Thought I'd share some of K's crafting this week.
He just finished a four-week print-making class at a beautifully renovated art studio in our local town.  Two friends of ours run kids' art classes out of the building, a different theme each month.  
May was printmaking and he had so much fun.  I highly suggest local friends check out the Poultney Children's Art Studio!  

12 May 2015

rain, finally

We are so thankful for the rain last night.  After more than two weeks without rain, and with very hot days, we were getting worried about the seedlings we'd already planted.  Fortunately, the work Adam puts into cover cropping and soil amendment helps with moisture retention and it seems that most of the seedlings fared well.

Slowly but surely I'm working on my february lady sweater.  Inspired by Sarah's project with the peace fleece wild mustard color and Kim's february lady sweater, I decided to make one for myself.  A slight mistake in the lace meant that I pulled out several inches.  It's been hard for me to motivate myself to keep working on it now.  But I do love the color and love knitting with peace fleece.

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21 April 2015

caught the bug

The basket-making bug that is... inspired by Soulemama, and the intro to this, I set off to the hardware store to grab some clothesline rope and try it out.  These are baskets #1, #2 and #3--which I added some fabric scraps to for color.  This was all yesterday, when I should have been homeschooling, and fitting in my own schoolwork...but I just couldn't stop!  

Today I'm using up the last of my 200ft roll to make an oval shape that I'm going to try to dye.  

I'm an impatient crafter, so I'm loving how quickly these go and how each one is a bit of a surprise in the end.  Can't wait to work on more!  

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20 January 2015

phyllis mouse

Our little farmgirl is turning 2 tomorrow!  It is so bittersweet for me.  I love the little person she is becoming, but I'm so sad that my baby is growing so fast!

Last year, I made her a Maggie Rabbit, which she just recently started to carry around and love.  This year, I decided to make her Phyllis Mouse (which I'm guessing she may end up calling Maisy, since we are all fans of Maisy books here).  

Hoping little Fenna feels much better for her birthday tomorrow!  She is the final one in the house to end up getting the stomach bug.  (It did end up going through all of the kids).

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30 December 2014


Here is the jumper I mentioned last week.  Because I don't know how to make buttonholes, I just stitched on snaps with homemade wooden buttons sewn on (can't really see in the photo).
The pocket is felt with a larger homemade button.  For a non-sewing mama, a warm flannel jumper that fits = success!  

The cowl is one that I whipped up for a friend's birthday.  It was so quick and I love how it turned out.  The pattern is posted in the "notes" section of the ravelry link.

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