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28 May 2014

around the

Having some issues with my farm photos for this week--so we'll head to the kitchen!
Milking three cows for our micro-dairy means we eat lots of dairy products here.
The main one (besides all of the raw milk my kids drink) is yogurt (I've mentioned this before).  I make more than 7 quarts a week!  I just snapped this photo of what our yogurt looks like since our cows are back on pasture--check out that cream!
I've also been experimenting with cultured butter.  I started leaving our cream out at room temperature for 8 hours before making butter, but have been leaving it out even longer now.  The taste of the butter when the cows are out on fresh pasture is quite strong and my kids are still getting used to it, but I've been enjoying it on some homemade spelt bread.  

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead (OR in your kitchen) ??
Leave a link in the comments--I'd love to see!