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29 February 2016

Mama Collaborative


I am so excited, pleased, honored and proud to be announcing the grand opening of Mama Collaborative!
A couple of months ago I was invited to join a group of extremely talented and creative mother-artisans in a virtual community of support.  Together we’ve quietly been working behind the scenes in preparation for our shop to open in early March.
It has been so inspiring and exciting to watch what these women have been making!  For our first stocking we had kind of a loose spring theme.  Stop by our shop tomorrow!
Here are the wonderful women behind Mama Collaborative:

Melody: A yarn obsessed, homeschooling mother of five, aspiring designer and artisan of life. Her creativity and children run amuck in a messy house and untamed garden, in a wild wood, on a mountain in New England. Melody blogs at

Kim: I am a homeschooling mama to one, a writer, nature lover, dreamer, foodie, lover of all things handmade, and a creative doer. I am happy to be here with these other inspiring mamas.  Kim blogs at

Melanie: Home school mama to five in New England. We spend our days together creating all sorts of things, attempting to garden, reading good books, and observing the natural world, where we draw much inspiration.

Tonya: So happy to be working with these other women to share our creative pursuits. As a mom of seven children, I find joy and beauty in the daily ordinary of raising a family, keeping up with our homestead dreams, and helping to run a family business. Tonya blogs at

Jules: Hello, I'm Jules and I'm delighted to be with these inspiring women. I am a mama, a wife, and a shepherd who loves all things woolly. We are raising our three kids on a farm in BC, trying to make as much of our own food, clothing, and furniture.

Elizabeth: Mama to three unschooled boys :: Tiny house living :: Off grid homesteader :: Lover of wool :: Maker of natural goods :: blogs at


Find us on Instagram @mamacollaborative and "like" us on Facebook

Email Address:
*A note to gmail users: with the new gmail layout the newsletter may be delivered under your “promotional” tab.  You can drag it to your inbox so that future newsletters, full of crafty goodness, will be delivered directly to your inbox.  

03 December 2014

Link Love

I've had a section (over to the right) for a while now for friends of mine with online shops.  I'd love to extend the invitation to other friends and readers... if you have an online shop or website that you'd like me to include in our "friends" section, please just leave a comment below with your email or email me at oldgatesfarm at gmail.  

If you also have a similar section on your blog, grab our button here and share the love!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

24 September 2013

getting ready

I'm behind on my crafting for our big holiday fair in November... maybe it's the 4th farm kid or the 4th grader, which has stretched out our homeschooling day.  Anyway, I've been trying to get a few things done here and there.  I made some more Honey Bee Balm (just like last year, but nicer tubes) and washcloths (for a custom order and for gift jars).
Slowly, but surely... 
Joining Nicole this week.

28 November 2012


I rarely add new items to our etsy shop...but I've added a few this week.
Take a peek!

24 April 2012

~keep calm, craft on~

Joining Nicole to share what I'm crafting although my crafting has been on hold for a bit...
as I work hard to finish some wedding orders of soap!
Many thanks to a friend and neighbor for help.  
It's hard to carry soaps around with a broken foot!  :)

And does crafting in the kitchen count?  
For the first time in years, we aren't sharing Abby's (our milk cow) milk with calves right now.

Lots of milk and cream for us right now = lots of butter, buttermilk and cheese!