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01 December 2016



I apologize to any of you who follow our farm account on instagram.  I have barely used my camera the whole month of November, so most of these photos were taken with my ipod and many, if not all of them, were shared on instagram already.

The month of November was so full... so full that I didn't think of grabbing my camera.  I can hardly keep up with the daily tasks of cooking and laundry, it seems, so I didn't think of posting on the blog.

The frosty days of early November (seen on the lovely autumn blueberry leaves) brought the kids and me inside most of the time.  It felt like a big deal to go out and dig the last row of carrots.  It's so funny how without realizing it, we go from such full days outside to full days inside that even harvesting seems out of routine when just a month earlier we had farmers' markets.

Being inside more means I am crafting a lot!  I finished F's Tiny Tea Leaves sweater and made myself, not one, but two Fen dresses!  I am so happy with how they turned out.  I had picked up some beautiful fabric and the pattern on my birthday weekend away in Portland, Maine.

Adam finished splitting the slab wood for sugaring seasoning, just in time for snow.

I helped a dear friend for a day cutting balsam for wreaths.  We only got through 8 of her 50 balsam bunches--wreath-making is no joke!

The kids got one good sledding afternoon in before the weather warmed again.

We spent Thanksgiving day with Adam's family (and got to snuggle up our baby niece the whole time).  And came back to the largest market I do with crafts--two full days of selling hand-made goods with several of my closest friends.  It was a great market this year!

In any of the spare moments I have, I'm trying to work on the gifts I plan to make for family and friends.  Looks like it will be a very full December, too.

02 November 2016

Potato Harvest

After such a dry summer and potato beetles by the hundreds, our harvest was nothing like previous years.  But it will be more than enough for us for winter, and hopefully enough for spring planting (and we sold many pounds of new potatoes through the summer, too).  We only grow three varieties: All Blues, Mountain Rose and Nicolas...and my favorite, the All Blue, did the poorest.  But we are thankful for harvest we've stored away in the cellar.

19 October 2016

the colors this year

I feared that the dry weather we've had all summer would affect the fall colors this year, but they are more vibrant than ever!  

I can't help but snap photos wherever I go...
driving around during Z's piano lessons,
a family drive in our town,
a bikeride to town,
a foggy morning on the farm,
our annual Hubbardton Battlefield fall photo of the kids...

And I have more pictures to come!  ;)  

28 October 2015

frosty mornings

There have been some beautiful, frosty mornings lately.  These photos are actually from our first hard zinnias are now dead and there are fewer leaves on the trees.
But beautiful, sunny, (chilly) fall mornings.

16 October 2015

peak colors

The foliage is so beautiful this year.  And it's peak colors right now, so the kids and I have made several trips to one of our favorite local spots to hike.  
We just love fall in Vermont.

08 October 2015


We've been blessed with many visitors this fall.  My sister and her family, my mother-in-law for a day visit, my parents were here over the weekend and now my best friend is visiting right now!

When my parents visit, we have a full list of jobs to get done to keep them busy...they love to work! 
The squash and pumpkins are in, the potatoes made it into the root cellar, the kale was harvested and frozen, and we still made it on a beautiful hike, too. 

So thankful for their visit.  We miss them already.

31 August 2015


It's that time of year when parts of the garden are looking a bit messier, 
vegetables damaged or missed,
leaves curling, lettuce bolting,
weeds I haven't thought of pulling...
But also the time of year of 
garlic drying and
hay mows filling,
of endless harvesting
and signs of the seasons changing.

As we transition to our school year, we have some changes, too.  Our shy, apprehensive sixth grader expressed a strong interest in trying the small, village middle school.  He is going to school all week this week to try it out.  As much as I missed him here today,  I love to see how he is being brave and giving this a try.  Our family rhythm shifts a bit in September, while still carrying on the schedule of summer markets and harvests.