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08 October 2015


We've been blessed with many visitors this fall.  My sister and her family, my mother-in-law for a day visit, my parents were here over the weekend and now my best friend is visiting right now!

When my parents visit, we have a full list of jobs to get done to keep them busy...they love to work! 
The squash and pumpkins are in, the potatoes made it into the root cellar, the kale was harvested and frozen, and we still made it on a beautiful hike, too. 

So thankful for their visit.  We miss them already.

18 September 2015

missing them

We enjoyed a visit from my sister's family this past week, and miss them so much already.
My sister and I canned a lot of food (this corn salsa is so good!), took the kids to our favorite book store, and spent a lot of time just playing and working around the farm.

15 June 2015

strawberry picking

We picked the first strawberries of the season at a lovely farm near us. 
They grow organic berries and raise pastured pork.  The berry field is on the top of a hill that overlooks a lake, backed by mountains.  An amazing spot.
Strawberry shortcake for dinner (and breakfast!)  :)

19 May 2015

happy chickens and the self-closing door

This spring, we bought 40 pullets from a friend, rhode island red crosses, right about the time when we moved the chickens from their winter coop near our house to a (rickety old) coop that we can (very carefully) pull with the tractor.  Many of our barred rocks were no longer laying and it was time for new birds.  The kids and I tried to hatch our own, so we'd have some barred rocks and araucanas, too, but none of the eggs we incubated hatched!  (Any suggestions from readers?  This was our first time incubating eggs.  I can't imagine that *none* of the eggs were fertilized of the 18 we incubated, but maybe?... We borrowed an incubator with a self-turning egg tray.)

Keeping 40-50 layers is an ideal number for our farm--enough for farmshare members, our local co-op, a farmers' market and our family.

We've been moving them through some winter wheat cover crop that hasn't been ploughed in yet and it is so nice to see happy birds running through the wheat and digging up bugs.  

While my parents were visiting a few weeks ago, Adam and my dad figured out a system to counter weight a heavy slate door with a bucket full of water.  The bucket has a small hole in it that slowly lets water out into one of the chickens' water bowls.  It's timed to take about 2½ hours, so when we do chores at night and fill the bucket, the door will close just after dark.

Happy birds, happy farmers. :)

13 May 2015

Jeju's orchard

Yesterday marked four years since Adam's dad died.
Three years ago, we planted Jeju's Orchard in his memory.
We are so excited to see blooms on both of the plums and one of the cherry trees this year!  
M, who was just barely one when Jeju died, asks about him all the time.  I told him this year, he could paint a sign for the orchard.  He's looking forward to getting started...and looking forward to (hopefully) some plums later this summer.

15 April 2015

Z is 8!

Our 8 year old!

1 day old

3 days old

5 years old

This little man is such a hard worker.  And as my friend said today, a truly genuine little man.
His easy-going, observant and thoughtful personality is such a blessing in our family (with some other rather intense my own) ;)

We rarely eat out, so the kids get to choose a special meal for their birthday and he chose chinese food.  His bapche (grandma) visited from a few hours away with dinner and cake (of his choice as well).  The sun shone and we spent hours outside today.  It was a great day celebrating this great kid!  Happy birthday,  Z-man!  

12 March 2015

the first gather

Our sugaring operation is small compared to many sugar makers, but it is large enough that each of us are needed when it comes time to gather sap.  This year, we increased how many buckets we are using (to 200) and decreased the taps we have on lines (to 100).  300 is about our max for taps in our 2 acres sugarbush.  

I think I say this every year, but I love gathering sap.  I love to notice the signs of spring as we spend our afternoons or evenings in the woods together.  There is an element of surprise with every bucket we check and satisfaction as we fill the tank.

I'm so happy to be sugaring again.