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06 October 2014

by hand

Adam decided to make our own corn silage this year from one acre of our sweet corn. 
We borrowed a chopper from a friend and used machetes to cut the corn, two rows at a time, and manually put it through the chopper.  It was, as many things are on our farm, a family effort. 
We laugh at how much work it was to make a little pile of silage, but it is 10 tons of feed that we have for winter from a crop that also provided a lot of sweet corn for markets and the farm stand.

25 September 2014


We are raising some meat birds for ourselves and some friends.
Micah can't get enough of them.  It's his favorite spot on the farm right now.  :)

05 February 2014

a few around the farm

pigs in the snow
the quiet greenhouse
chickens on ice
a friend and the piglets

27 April 2013

pig pile

I didn't intend to have this blog so silent this week, 
but with a persistent illness still lingering, 
new glasses (constantly requiring trips to the "big city" 25 min away for adjusting)
and the other spring busy-ness,
it's been a bit hard to keep up.

This morning, one of our sows had 19 piglets (19!?!)! Make that 20! One was born as I was typing this!
17 18 little piglets are trying to nurse away right now in the barn.
It's very unlikely that they will all live
but we are enjoying silent moments of awe 
watching these sweet little babies snuggle close.

06 February 2013

belated introduction

A week before Fenna was born, we bought another milk cow! 
Her name is Jemima and she came from  Family Cow Farmstand (a great raw milk dairy farm).
Adam says she is very sweet and mellow, easy to work with and milk.

Welcome, Jemima!

17 January 2013

around the farm



abby and daisy

happy chickens

letting the sick little one watch "sarah, plain and tall" on the mini dvd player that we have for videos

What's going on around your farm or homestead?

19 November 2012


A busy week on the farm!
11 piglets... This sow is such a good mama, she keeps pushing them under the heat lamp
to stay nice and warm.
And our milk cow, Abby, had a baby heifer! 

07 November 2012

his favorite thing

M loves horses, which he calls "ya-yas". 
This past week, Adam had to do some work with farming friends of ours in Connecticut.
Two of their girls took M for a ride on a ya-ya while we were there.
He is still talking about it!

18 October 2012

around the farm

Some blooms before they were frosted this weekend.
Our favorite kitten.
The beans are drying.
The kale fared well--more kale soup last night. :)

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?