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07 June 2016

Our M

Adam's mom came up to visit recently and she brought up a belated birthday party for M.  A homemade cake of his choice, fun sea creature party plates and some new art supplies for him.  They aren't the supplies you see him using in the linocut photos, those are my new supplies which he quickly grabbed to start a new linocut picture.  He designed the tractor and did most of the carving himself.  He's such a creative little guy, our M.  

My mother-in-law also interviewed the kids about me as a belated Mother's Day gift.  Three out of four of them said my favorite food was tofu (or a tofu related dish), the thing I'm really good at is cooking and I relax by knitting!  Very sweet (but my favorite food is yogurt!) ;)  

23 May 2016

walking Jemima

Micah has taken up the job of walking Jemima, one of our milk cows, from the pasture each night.  She needs to walk separately from Abby and Daisy because she has a hip that is slowing her down.  He is so proud of this job, and has developed a bond with her.  

(If you look closely in the first picture, you can see a mama fox in the field--slightly above and right of our black cow, Abby--that lives under our neighbors shed with 6 kits...)

09 March 2016


Adam is boiling in the sugarhouse,
the syrup is waiting to be canned,
my sleep sack is waiting to be knitted,
the mountain of laundry is waiting to be folded,
and I'm snuggling my sick little farm girl.

03 September 2015

26 May 2015

k's printmaking

Thought I'd share some of K's crafting this week.
He just finished a four-week print-making class at a beautifully renovated art studio in our local town.  Two friends of ours run kids' art classes out of the building, a different theme each month.  
May was printmaking and he had so much fun.  I highly suggest local friends check out the Poultney Children's Art Studio!  

01 May 2015

Five years

1 day old

6 months old

His very specific request- cookie, mint, chocolate, cookie, vanilla, strawberry layered ice cream cake!

Today we celebrate M's 5th birthday.  He is our only baby who came "late" and it is the only thing he's ever been slow at. ;)   
He has more confidence and energy than anyone else in our family, and his curiosity and imagination keep our home very, very interesting.  It's such a joy to have him in our lives.  
Happy birthday to our spunky little guy!

15 April 2015

Z is 8!

Our 8 year old!

1 day old

3 days old

5 years old

This little man is such a hard worker.  And as my friend said today, a truly genuine little man.
His easy-going, observant and thoughtful personality is such a blessing in our family (with some other rather intense my own) ;)

We rarely eat out, so the kids get to choose a special meal for their birthday and he chose chinese food.  His bapche (grandma) visited from a few hours away with dinner and cake (of his choice as well).  The sun shone and we spent hours outside today.  It was a great day celebrating this great kid!  Happy birthday,  Z-man!  

02 April 2015

growing up

All of the sudden, our little farmbaby is looking much more grown up!  
But, we can still call her farmbaby, right?

collecting sap in her own pail
dressing herself and wanting to send a photo to "meme"
hanging out with big brother on the porch on our first warm(er) day
(...can you tell that she loves purple and has a favorite skirt?) ;)

23 February 2015


Practicing back handsprings.

We returned from Chicago just in time to celebrate K's birthday on Saturday.  My serious, thoughtful, and creative guy is 11!  
The train ride home was exhausting.  It was 3 hours late leaving, which meant I was trying to keep F happy (or sleeping) in the train station until 12:30am (1:30 our time).
Then we ended up an additional 4 hours late, which meant we didn't arrive back to Albany until 10pm (we were supposed to arrive at 3pm).  The drive from Albany was another 2 hours.  So, we technically made it home on K's birthday, 28 hours after stepping into Union Station in Chicago.

So, Saturday was pretty low-key.  He invited a friend over and they built legos and we had ice cream sundaes since I didn't get a chance to make an ice cream cake.

I'm missing my sister and her family, but I'm so thankful for the chance to meet my little niece so soon after she was born.  It certainly was a big trip (and a lot of extra work for Adam here on the farmstead). 

16 February 2015


As I mentioned in my previous post, F and I took the train to Chicago to meet her new cousin!
The train ride was delayed a bit during travel, probably due to the cold (check out the way the areas between train cars looked!)
Our visit overlapped briefly with that of my parents, so Fenna got to visit with her Meme and Bapa before they headed back to Michigan.  
And now we are enjoying fun times with her cousins, including lots of snuggling with a tiny newborn (*sigh*...I can't get enough of it!) :)  
I guess we are missing even colder temps in Vermont, as the boys woke to -26ºF this morning.
So thankful that the timing worked that we weren't sugaring yet and could make this big trip.