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20 October 2016

fall project

If you follow us on instagram, you know we made a crazy trip to Michigan this fall.  Adam hadn't been able to make the trip in almost six years (and hadn't had more than one day off of milking in two years!)  But thanks to a friend from church, we were able to make a four day trip for my cousin's wedding.  He got to spend time with my grandpa and visit my nana in her Alzheimer care home...and even meet some family he'd never met before.  

After our whirlwind trip, my parents came out for just three days to help install a sink we purchased!  My dad had built the cabinet for it and we had to tear out a broom closet and the old sink, patch and paint the wall, and (after much hassle with the plumbing) put in the new sink.  Without a dishwasher, and with bottling all of the milk jars that we do in a week, this new sink will make it much easier.  I'll miss the old enamel farm sink, but we have future plans for its use in another spot. 

29 June 2015

the last 10 days

Summer is here... with farmers' markets, weeding, food preserving, weeding, finishing up homeschooling, weeding, planting, weeding... and some time for fun.

We spend a great deal of time weeding right now.  But, in the past 10 days since my last post, we've also processed 60 pounds of strawberries into jam, the freezer and strawberry shortcake for dinner for a week straight.  We enjoyed our first river swim of the season on father's day and celebrated my friend's birthday at their summer camping spot on the lake.  F is rediscovering the gardens as a big two year old--enjoying fresh baby carrots right out of the ground (wiped quickly on mama's shirt) and barefeet in freshly cultivated soil.  Many days we spend the whole day outside working and playing.  

The next two weeks, before I ventured westward with the kids, are full of swimming lessons, preparing the gardens for us leaving (Adam will still be here working hard, but I tend to do most of the hand-weeding), food saving and farmers' markets.  

Yes, summer is here.

15 April 2015

Z is 8!

Our 8 year old!

1 day old

3 days old

5 years old

This little man is such a hard worker.  And as my friend said today, a truly genuine little man.
His easy-going, observant and thoughtful personality is such a blessing in our family (with some other rather intense my own) ;)

We rarely eat out, so the kids get to choose a special meal for their birthday and he chose chinese food.  His bapche (grandma) visited from a few hours away with dinner and cake (of his choice as well).  The sun shone and we spent hours outside today.  It was a great day celebrating this great kid!  Happy birthday,  Z-man!  

05 March 2015

keeping busy

 farms and towns
lots of reading
the current favorite game
baby washing
so much snow
and snow forts, too

02 February 2015

these days

m's falcons

First, I'm so excited to announce the arrival of our first niece (after 6 nephews)!  My sister (who just flew with my nephew a couple weeks ago to visit) had a baby girl on Thursday night about 3.5 weeks early.  Everyone is doing really well and little Estella went home just in time to be snug at home before the snowstorm hit Chicago.

These bitter snowy days have meant a lot of time inside...
working on our bird studies
knitting, reading, rocking
and even time inside for the littlest animals in the farm.

I've also started another online college course to slowly finish up my prerequisites for becoming a lactation consultant.  Which means many more nights like this.   

Hope everyone is staying warm!

29 December 2014

warm weekend

This is the time of year that Adam will try and do some logging out of our woods for next year's wood supply.  We only have about 2 acres, but because most of the trees are the same age and size, we need to thin the woods a bit for the health of the younger trees.

The warm weather this weekend made the kids eager to work on their fort, the animals happy to enjoy some sun and the chance for Mama to get outside with our sick little one for a bit.