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29 July 2016

I'm back!

I've been neglecting this space since our return.  We jumped right into two weeks of swimming lessons at our local beach.  With several kids taking different lessons, it ends up that we spend a good part of our day at the beach.  After years of letting this stress me out, I now try to embrace it, since I rarely pack up lunches and spend a day at the beach with the kids when we aren't there for swimming lessons.  With 10 beach days, harvesting, markets, my job at the food co-op (and regular old housework), these two weeks have flown by.

Looking forward to focusing on harvesting, preserving, homeschool portfolios and everything else I've neglected for the past month (like this blog)! ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

13 August 2015


We do two small farmers' markets during the week.  Despite being quite small, they have been great for us this year.  And we've lucked out with pretty decent weather.  I enjoy doing markets and getting to see our regular customers and visiting with other vendors (and dear friends).

We also attended a local history day/farmers' market in our nearby town.  I went to sell crafts with a friend, but ended up selling mostly tomatoes and maple syrup... in fact, we sold out of our syrup for the year!  The kids enjoyed being next to the events tent where they got to hear our local bluegrass society, and of course, enjoyed some fried dough with maple cream from another local farm.

01 August 2015

catching up

We arrived home Wednesday evening, just in time to harvest for farmers' market.  
It's a bit surreal harvesting on our farmstead in Vermont in the evening, when just that morning you were traveling on public transit through Chicago with four little ones.

Yesterday, I was back to work at our co-op and last night I attended a party for our outgoing general manager.

Today, a friend came over to help me catch up on blueberry picking and weeding.  We welcomed a new little heifer to our farm, moved the chickens, cooked and baked...

Tonight, the kids were running and biking through the yard while I weeded my herb garden...I think we're getting back into the groove here.

13 November 2014

cuppow cozies

I've been absent from the blog because we've been busy putting up the last of our harvest, preparing for a visit from my parents and working on items for our annual holiday farmers' market (the two days after Thanksgiving).  
This year, I'm making more "small" items for the farmers' for $20 or less.
I won a cuppow from a blog giveaway and love it!  I love it so much that I ordered some to sell at the craft fair with sewn and knitted cozies.  These are some of the sewn cozies that I'm bringing to the market.  I also listed them on our etsy page

Joining Nicole this week.

01 October 2014

around the farm

The last harvest for the Lakes Region Farmers' Market.  
Some years we have very little to harvest at this point in the season, but this year there is still plenty.

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?