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16 May 2016

the weekend

F and I made the trip to Connecticut this weekend and had a nice time at Adam's sister-in-law's baby shower.  It was also so nice to spend the weekend with my best friend, who has the loveliest place (the first photos), full of handmade items, and knitted, sewn and painted crafts she's made (or are in the works).  

We made the trip to Brimfield, too (which was *sort of* on my way home).   It was overwhelming to work through in an afternoon (we barely made it through a third of it), but worth the detour.  

I came home to very cold temperatures, and we have blueberries in bloom and tender plants growing, so we had to cover everything the best we could and thankfully, they made it through the night.  Looking forward to warmer temperatures at the end of the week.

18 November 2015

a weekend away

One of my dearest friends moved to Connecticut this year and I finally was able to venture down to visit her this past weekend.  My little farmgirl came along, since it is difficult for Adam to do farm chores with her and she still nurses at bedtime.  

It was a fun getaway for us.  We took a whirlwind trip into New York City to Purl Soho, went to Ikea, spent some time by the ocean, drank lots of coffee and stayed up too late knitting every night.  A pretty awesome weekend.

14 April 2015

stuck in the mud

After boiling out on Saturday afternoon, we decided to gather the taps and buckets after dinner that night.  With the help of a friend who was staying with us for the weekend, it went quickly...we loaded up the buckets on a trailer and Adam was pulling them out of the woods with the tractor.  ...Until he got stuck in mud.  Deep, deep mud.  

He probably spent just as much time trying to get the tractor and trailer out of the mud as we did pulling the taps and buckets from the trees.  
Finally, we left the trailer in the woods and we loaded the buckets onto the fork attachment on the tractor.  

Of course, while this was happening, there were four little farm kids thoroughly enjoying the mud.

03 February 2015

in the kitchen, on the needles

On the needles:
After the arrival of my new niece, I knitted up this little bonnet to send her.
And today, upon news of a dear friend's dad who is very sick, I wanted to make something special for her.  I used a lovely birch branch slice from Vermont Branch Company and The Sitting Tree's heart pattern. 

In the kitchen:
My first decent loaf of sourdough bread (sorry for the funny coloring of this late night photo).
I'm embarrassed to say that I've tried and tried sourdough for many, many years.  My loaves are too flat, or too dense, or just not right.  This is with fresh ground spelt and unbleached white flour and my own sourdough starter.  Thanks to my new Taproot issue, I tried a thicker levain and folding the dough multiple times (rather than letting it proof and than rise again before baking).  Unfortunately, my next loaf wasn't quite as nice.  I love fermenting foods (we consume a crazy amount of yogurt here and many fermented veggies, too) but I'm still working on the sourdough.  We have enjoyed quite a few sourdough cinnamon rolls, though.

What's going on in your kitchen or on your needles lately?

Joining Nicole this week.

02 December 2014

this weekend

handmade by the boys--candles and ornaments

my friend's yarns

little peg people -- made by a friend 

and her batiks

teething necklaces and mason jar necklaces


soaps, cuppow cozies, glass and garlands

Once a year, I do a two day craft fair/farmers' market with friends of mine.  
We all look forward to it each year and love to come up with different ideas of items to sell.
It's always the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and it's great to see all of the people who choose to support small businesses, artists and crafters rather than the typical "black friday" sales.
A great weekend (as usual)!  :)