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17 August 2015


Our pear trees are loaded with fruit this year.  One of the two has more fruit than we've ever seen on it.  They are an old variety (seckel pears, we've been told) and have a very brief window when they are ready to harvest before falling from the tree right into the boar's pen.  
He doesn't mind one bit, of course.  

I have canned up some pears in vanilla syrup.  And this year, I'm cutting some up and sticking them in our freezer to add to smoothies this experiment.  

They don't get really tender, just go from firm to mealy texture, so they are a bit like apples to eat fresh.  Crisp and crunchy and delicious on these hot summer days.

15 June 2015

strawberry picking

We picked the first strawberries of the season at a lovely farm near us. 
They grow organic berries and raise pastured pork.  The berry field is on the top of a hill that overlooks a lake, backed by mountains.  An amazing spot.
Strawberry shortcake for dinner (and breakfast!)  :)

13 May 2015

Jeju's orchard

Yesterday marked four years since Adam's dad died.
Three years ago, we planted Jeju's Orchard in his memory.
We are so excited to see blooms on both of the plums and one of the cherry trees this year!  
M, who was just barely one when Jeju died, asks about him all the time.  I told him this year, he could paint a sign for the orchard.  He's looking forward to getting started...and looking forward to (hopefully) some plums later this summer.

25 July 2014


We have about 10 blueberry bushes that were already here when we first moved onto our farm.
In the first week of July, we harvested a random blueberry every other day or so.  Then we picked a quart about 10 days ago.  Since then, we've picked 24 more.  Today, while I was at work, a very kind friend picked 8 quarts for our freezer (OUR freezer!)
People often ask us why we don't sell them...berries sell so well at our markets.
But it's worth so much more to us to enjoy them during the summer months and freeze or can them for the winter months.  Like most things on our farm, the food that we enjoy or store away is worth much more to us than the money we could make selling it.

10 September 2013

goodbye summer

Our temps have been dipping quite low at night.  We've covered some delicate crops.  We've picked raspberries and flowers at dusk, just in case of frost.
I found local, organic peaches at the farmers' market (a rare treat in Vermont)
and we are enjoying these final bits of summer.

04 September 2013

next up:

grape jelly!

(And those sweet little pants were another project this week--can you tell fall is coming?  lots more time for crafting!)   Joining Nicole this week.

03 July 2013

while they sleep

We don't grow strawberries on our farm, 
but I managed to get some this week from this lovely farmstand.
(and no, I don't attempt to pick with the four kids...honestly, I haven't picked since I've had M...someday I won't have a toddler who is constantly on the run!) ;)

Because of all of the rain, they were pretty soft and needed to be processed--
so while the family slept, I chopped and cooked and canned and froze (hence the awful lighting in the late night photos)

I love my sleep, but it's amazing what you can get done in the quiet of the night.