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01 December 2015

handmade holiday

Now that our holiday market is done, I'm starting to work on christmas (and birthday) gifts.  I really like to keep things simple for gift giving...making what I can, buying other handmade items, and shopping at our local bookstores and village stores for the rest.  
My sister's 30th birthday is coming soon and I wanted to do something special for her.  I have knitted her many things over the years and couldn't think of another knitted gift she needed.  Then, when we were at Purl Soho, I found these embroidered hair barrette kits.  My sister has very long hair and uses clips daily, so it is a perfect handmade gift for her.  I have little experience with embroidery, but the kit was easy to follow.   I really love how it turned out.

I found a new mason cozy pattern to try.  I wanted it to fit around a mason jar with a handle.  With peace fleece yarn (or another worsted yarn), it knits up quickly.  With some tea, like the Love & Tea blend I'm waiting for, and the cuppow lid, it will make a sweet little gift, I think.  

Are you doing holiday crafting this year?   I'd love to see what every is making!  

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01 August 2014


Early this summer, as I was weeding the garden rows that Adam planted, I found a special surprise... 50 (or more) feet of zinnias that he planted for me.  (Did I already share this surprise?  ...Oh well!)
I love zinnias.
I could just take photo after photo of these flowers.  

24 June 2014

sewn with love

My friends and I do little gifts for eachother on our birthdays...often homemade.  
I have so little time right now, but wanted to give my friend a cuppow lid and canning jar filled with her favorite tea, wrapped in a knitted cozy.  The cozy just didn't happen.
And then, it hit me that sewing one would be so much quicker!  
I picked out some fabric scraps that I thought she would like and use a covered button and hair elastic to fasten it.  It's lined with natural quilt batting.  I love the way it turned out!

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27 August 2013

a gift for my mum

I think I may be able to start posting my Tuesday crafting posts again... I've been finding some time to work on some projects, usually after everyone else is asleep. 
This is a pillow that I just finished for my mum's birthday.  
I traced each of the grandkids' hands while we were in Michigan and attempted to make it look like a sun.  That didn't quite work but I still like the way that it turned out.  I am not the best sewer (and can't really work with a pattern), so I'm pretty happy with it!

08 May 2013


Finished the afghan that I started before F's birth.  It really was a quick knit for such a large project.  Hope my sister-in-law likes it!

And some simple mugs for mother's day gifts.  Just some gloss enamel paint baked on plain mugs. Interested to see how they wear with use.

I've been feeling overwhelmed, underwater, maxed out...however you want to call it.  
And it's only the start of our "busy season".  Not much crafting going on this week!

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20 February 2013

yummy gifts

I received this "painted desert chili" at my blessingway last month.
(I only have this cellphone picture my friend took)
We're cooking it up for tonight's dinner--it's delish! 
I found it on pinterest and discovered many more neat gift-in-a-jar ideas.