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26 November 2015


Thankful for the comforts of our farm, the blessings of family and friends, the peace and health we enjoy... 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

27 November 2014

giving thanks

Sadly, the weather kept us in Vermont...away from Adam's family gathering in Connecticut.
But we all spent the day enjoying the snow, snuggling by the wood stove and cooking a mostly homegrown meal.

Wishing everyone the peace of gratitude today.

22 November 2014

Missing Them Already

We spent a busy week visiting with my parents, who drove out to help us fix our porch.
It's very hard for the kids to say goodbye after a week of cooking, crafting, soccer games, UNO by the wood stove and lots of snuggle time with their "meme" and "bapa".  
But we are so grateful for their visits!

01 August 2014


Early this summer, as I was weeding the garden rows that Adam planted, I found a special surprise... 50 (or more) feet of zinnias that he planted for me.  (Did I already share this surprise?  ...Oh well!)
I love zinnias.
I could just take photo after photo of these flowers.  

25 July 2014


We have about 10 blueberry bushes that were already here when we first moved onto our farm.
In the first week of July, we harvested a random blueberry every other day or so.  Then we picked a quart about 10 days ago.  Since then, we've picked 24 more.  Today, while I was at work, a very kind friend picked 8 quarts for our freezer (OUR freezer!)
People often ask us why we don't sell them...berries sell so well at our markets.
But it's worth so much more to us to enjoy them during the summer months and freeze or can them for the winter months.  Like most things on our farm, the food that we enjoy or store away is worth much more to us than the money we could make selling it.

31 December 2013

highlights from the year

The birth of our baby girl was, of course, the main highlight of our year!

A wonderful sugaring season.

Our first full year with our high tunnel (greens in March!)

An abundance of vegetables.

Making all of our hay for the year.

Good weather for the crops.

A fun visit to Chicago...

and Michigan (solo with 4--I made it!) ;)

Lots of food to preserve for winter.

Healthy little helpers.

A great season for our humble farmstand.

Visits with family and friends.

A very mild fall = tomatoes until late October!

And today, we look forward to wrapping up the year with a lunch with good friends-- enjoying food we preserved from the summer and reflecting on our blessings from 2013.  

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to 2014!

11 October 2013


This fall marks our 10th year on this farm.  
Growing up, I never lived in a home for longer than 4 years.  
Part of me can't believe we are still here, but I also can't imagine living anywhere else.
We started our stay here as a caretaking situation right out of college. 
It was perfect.  
I still remember the night we met with the owners, toured the farm and ate homemade strawberry shortcake in the living room.  The house was our dream-home--the pantry filled with large old jars (that I still use), the small room at the bottom of the stairs filled with books (we still call it our library and still have some of those books), the barn ready for Abby (our small heifer who we still milk today)...even a hoop house, tractor, sap buckets and garden tools waiting to be used.
5 years ago, they sold the farm to us.  
We've made a lot of changes-- removed lead from the house (and all the work that came after that), expanded the gardens, cleaned out and restructured the barns,  converted the shed and greenhouse, added a lean-to and high tunnel and bought more acreage.  We've turned the little homestead into a market farm.
But those first months are still so special in my mind, settling into our home.

**all photos from that first year, taken by my sister

11 February 2013

from afar

I have a special group of mama friends that I met when I was pregnant with M.  
The thing is, I actually have never met any in person (yet!)...but we've managed to 
grow very close despite our distance.  It's definitely one great thing about technology--
the communities you can form through similar interests and circumstances.

Today, I received a beautiful gift from them that also traveled a great distance.
Handknit in Latvia--can't wait to try it on little F!

22 November 2012


We are thankful to be headed down south to spend the day with Adam's family. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful thankgiving.

17 October 2012

something new

Last year, a group of our church friends helped us build our lean-to.  This year,
a group got together to help Adam construct our new high tunnel.
We applied for a grant for this high tunnel (which covers the materials) and 
we're so blessed to have helpful (and able!) friends to help with the actual construction.
A sweet couple came just to bring a delicious homemade lunch! 
We are filled with gratitude, Adam is planning away on how he will use it and
I'm a bit overwhelmed by the size! ;)