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18 January 2018


We had lovely holidays, both Thanksgiving (where we walked to our neighbors house, rather than travel to another state for the day), and Christmas, cozy and warm at home.  After Thanksgiving, it was our annual two-day holiday craft market that I do with friends...always fun and always busy.

The kids have been enjoying the snow.  Little F has quite the tolerance for cold (and it has been COLD!) and will play for so long out in the snow.  

Adam has been working on logging and getting the wood cut for next winter.  I've been staying busy with homeschooling, cooking, baking (my first attempt at a cinnamon star, and Adam's Grandma's pierogis made when his brother's family came for a visit)  and crafting (Oliver and S "Garden Party dress" and this scarf (along with daily chores, of course).

AND, the most exciting news of 2018, we are expecting baby 5 in May! 

15 December 2015

handmade holiday

A friend of mine gave me some peace fleece partial skeins and asked me to knit a sweater vest for her daughter.  I was going to stripe it (I love stripes!) but after seeing many color block projects, I decided to try that instead.  Basically a "milo" without the cables... almost done.

I inherited a rigid heddle loom from the previous owners of our farmstead and never took the time to learn to properly warp it.  Last week, I found a video on the Ashford site showing exactly how to do it and gave it a try.  Very basic weaving--I feel like I need a lesson--but I thought they'd make nice table runners.

What funny weather we are having.  That is my kitchen in December!  We are all ready for cooler weather (and snow!)  I hope we get some before the holidays.

Joining Nicole today...

01 December 2015

handmade holiday

Now that our holiday market is done, I'm starting to work on christmas (and birthday) gifts.  I really like to keep things simple for gift giving...making what I can, buying other handmade items, and shopping at our local bookstores and village stores for the rest.  
My sister's 30th birthday is coming soon and I wanted to do something special for her.  I have knitted her many things over the years and couldn't think of another knitted gift she needed.  Then, when we were at Purl Soho, I found these embroidered hair barrette kits.  My sister has very long hair and uses clips daily, so it is a perfect handmade gift for her.  I have little experience with embroidery, but the kit was easy to follow.   I really love how it turned out.

I found a new mason cozy pattern to try.  I wanted it to fit around a mason jar with a handle.  With peace fleece yarn (or another worsted yarn), it knits up quickly.  With some tea, like the Love & Tea blend I'm waiting for, and the cuppow lid, it will make a sweet little gift, I think.  

Are you doing holiday crafting this year?   I'd love to see what every is making!  

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31 December 2014


My Christmas gift from Adam this year was a porch swing.  It's been on my wish list since we moved here 11 years ago, but fixing up the porch this fall means there is finally enough support for one.
I love the color.
I love it.
I am already dreaming of sipping coffee on it on a warm spring morning.  

27 December 2013

handmade holiday (a little late)

I meant to post this much earlier this month...
I wanted to find an advent calendar for us to use each year.  I looked at buying a wooden one but then I thought about searching online for a fabric panel.  I found the perfect one (for us) on etsy.
Very simple to sew (I am a novice sewer).  Many of the small fabric pieces have activities for the kids to do (ice skate, cut snowflakes, read a christmas story) and for the ones that didn't have activities, I'd put a small chocolate or have a different craft for them to do.  I'm very happy with how it turned out!

11 December 2013

handmade holiday

I won two Cuppows from a giveaway online and really love them.  They work great as my coffee/tea to-go mug with this cozy. So when Cuppow had a sale in November, I ordered some for gifts and knitted up some more cozies.  Filled with tea bags or bulk tea, cocoa mix or coffee beans, it's a sweet little gift!

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05 December 2013

handmade holiday

Some gingerbread graham cracker houses with friends,
my favorite holiday decoration (handmade by my cousin),
and this sweet bunny for our baby (inspired by Tonya's gift).

belatedly joining Nicole this week...

26 November 2013

handmade holiday

Ornaments (bought the pattern here)
Baby gnomes (pattern here)
and a whole bunch of rubber band bracelets by the boys.  :)

04 December 2012


Oops!  Waited until dark (which is late afternoon now!) to take photos...  

Joining Nicole with my current projects-- working on pj pants for most of my nephews and 
started a knitting project for myself (um, oops again...should be working on gifts!) which is taking longer than I thought it would.  

Thanks for the sweet comments last week--I'm feeling much better this week!

28 November 2012


I rarely add new items to our etsy shop...but I've added a few this week.
Take a peek!