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02 November 2016

Potato Harvest

After such a dry summer and potato beetles by the hundreds, our harvest was nothing like previous years.  But it will be more than enough for us for winter, and hopefully enough for spring planting (and we sold many pounds of new potatoes through the summer, too).  We only grow three varieties: All Blues, Mountain Rose and Nicolas...and my favorite, the All Blue, did the poorest.  But we are thankful for harvest we've stored away in the cellar.

31 August 2015


It's that time of year when parts of the garden are looking a bit messier, 
vegetables damaged or missed,
leaves curling, lettuce bolting,
weeds I haven't thought of pulling...
But also the time of year of 
garlic drying and
hay mows filling,
of endless harvesting
and signs of the seasons changing.

As we transition to our school year, we have some changes, too.  Our shy, apprehensive sixth grader expressed a strong interest in trying the small, village middle school.  He is going to school all week this week to try it out.  As much as I missed him here today,  I love to see how he is being brave and giving this a try.  Our family rhythm shifts a bit in September, while still carrying on the schedule of summer markets and harvests.

20 October 2014

diggin' potatoes

Yes, she is sucking on a yummy earth sucker--
sometimes we must resort to such things to get the job done (keeping' it real-ha!)
We are fortunate to have many farmy friends.  One of our dear friends not only owns some great old farm equipment that we use (a tractor and corn binder), but also is very, very handy.
He recently got back a potato digger that he used 40 years ago (and then lent to another farmer for many years) and got it working again.
We used it to dig our biggest potato crop yet--more than 650 pounds.  We already had harvested another 400 during the market season, but the potato digger made digging up the rest a rather quick job!
We battle potato beetles every year and sometimes it means we end up with small potatoes, but they look nice and big this year even with the bug damage to our plants.

22 September 2014

winter squash

With the possible low temps coming at the end of last week, we decided to get the squash in the barn.  
Two years ago, we had a bumper butternut year (200+ bushels), but last year we have ZERO butternuts.  (But LOTS of pumpkins).
This year, it's butternuts again!  More than 100+ bushels, with very few bushels of pie pumpkins and only 8 red kuri squash.  
We borrowed a pumpkin box from the orchard down the road and easily filled it (and two more).  And for dinner that night...roasted squash soup! 

05 September 2014

and onions are in!

Our copra storage onions did really well this year!
The whole family helped with the harvest and we'll have more than enough for the winter and to sell to our local co-op.  
The cover crop is already coming up and only the leeks are left in that section of the field.  
Starting to look like a fall garden.

27 June 2014

at dusk

We are so fortunate to have our tall stand of maples on the west side of our property.  
By early evening, the herb garden, swingset, blueberry bushes and firepit are in shade.
I enjoy going out to the herb garden and weeding or harvesting herbs at dusk.
Fenna helped me gather chamomile tonight.