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06 June 2016

first cut in

Our first cut of hay is in the barn (well, it was in the barn as of Thursday night...I'm just very behind with every thing--especially the blog lately!)

It went very smoothly.  We still hire someone to mow for us, but then we bale it up ourselves.  It's all on land we rent nearby our farm.  

Haying always stresses Adam a lot (what will the weather be?  can we get it done by ourselves?  will our old machinery break down?), so it's nice for all of us when it is done! ;)  It was our first time haying with our bigger tractor that we just inherited from my grandpa before he died.  We had to share some videos with family--it was pretty special.

We celebrated with this summer's first batch of our homemade, homegrown (raw) chip!

04 September 2015

second cut

It takes the whole family working together to get our hay up.  This is a field we hay down a beautiful dirt road near our farm.  A lovely setting for some hard work.  ;)

20 August 2015

making hay

A friend cut a small field he owns for us to bale up just before more rain comes tomorrow.
Not a lot of bales, but a good start to our second cut.  

12 June 2015

first cut

Sometimes it is hard for me to post on the blog.  
Our life on the farm is so much the same year to year...I've posted this post here and here and here.
But it is the cyclical nature of a homestead--and for us, there are always differences.  
This year, we baled the big field we use by ourselves.  
This year, the wild strawberries were ripe and the kids and I enjoyed handfuls while Adam baled.
This year, we packed a picnic dinner that we enjoyed in the shade in the beautiful field we hay.
The variables of weather, the other jobs on the farm, the juggling of kids--these things keep our life constantly interesting, sometimes even stressful...always rewarding.

And the first cut is in the barn. 

04 September 2014

the hay is in!

The hay is in for the year.  
Once again, we hayed two different fields within a few miles of our farm and made both a first and second cut.  Adam also hayed a different field with a friend while we were in Michigan.
Thankful for many friends who help mow, drive the truck, throw hay and fix broken parts!
A full hay barn = a content farmer.  ;)

23 September 2013

one more load

The weather was just right for us to get one more load of hay in from our friend's rented field.  
We bartered for the baler in 2011 and used it for the first time last summer.  This summer, we added more rented land and a small third cut, too. 
It feels so great to have a barn full of hay for the winter!

21 June 2013

long days

This warm and sunny summer solstice will be spent outside baling up the last of our first cutting.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some sunshine, too!
Happy Solstice!