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14 April 2016

spring transitions

The chickens are now across the road on the cover crop (and loving it!)
and the high tunnel has been tilled and readied for tomatoes and peppers (still a month away).
But little arugula and spinach are coming up now and we can't wait to enjoy them.

11 March 2013


Remember this post?
Well, the warmer daytime temps means the spinach is growing fast!
Another week of warm weather and we'll have so many greens to harvest.
Spinach for dinner!

21 November 2012

planting seeds

The new high tunnel is staying very warm on these sunny
November days.  Adam decided to try and plant some cold hardy greens
under row covers to see how they would do... Ideally, we would have planted earlier in the fall, but since we just covered the high tunnel, we had a late start this fall.

I'll keep you posted!  :)

14 November 2012


Adam got the high tunnel covered this week!  The boys have been enjoying
foggy evenings playing in it and the chickens are enjoying a little extra warmth
on these chilly November days (their coop is parked right next to it).  
Can't wait to extend our season next spring and fall!