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09 May 2015

taconic peaks ramble

My mother's day gift this weekend was an afternoon at the Taconic Peaks Ramble (which I only learned the name of today!)  Since college, we have referred to this wonderful spot as "zen gardens" or "Japanese gardens" amazing, privately owned property that the owner shares with the public by allowing them to enjoy extensive hiking trails he's made.  
We didn't hike much, but rather enjoyed the views (and animals) around the ponds.  It was a relaxing afternoon.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing weekend, too!

03 November 2014


After many years of living in this area (13 this fall), I finally hiked Haystack Mountain.  I have heard how beautiful the views are, I had seen amazing photos from the top, but because we always seem to have 2 kids that need to be carried, it has been hard to make the hike (it's just 4 miles round trip but the steep hike up makes it hard for little legs).  We went with many friends this weekend, so Adam carried M and I carried F and we had others to help with lunch and water.  
It was a beautiful hike!