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11 February 2016



This year we decided to make seed packet valentines.  I ordered some blank seed envelopes from etsy and the kids worked on special artwork.  I printed their artwork small enough to fit on the seed packs and they filled them with flower seeds.  

I love all of the details on M's valentine artwork.  

Tonight we're working on donuts in the heart-shaped donut pan I bought on impulse (and super sale) after Valentine's day years ago.  Treats for story hour tomorrow!  :)

16 December 2015

getting our tree

Adam's brother and sister-in-law visited over the weekend and we went to pick out a Christmas tree while they were visiting.  It was a warm and sunny December day.  Our farmgirl was stuck on getting one just her size, but in the end we all agreed on a slightly larger balsam.  We are so thankful they made the trip up to visit us!

31 December 2013

highlights from the year

The birth of our baby girl was, of course, the main highlight of our year!

A wonderful sugaring season.

Our first full year with our high tunnel (greens in March!)

An abundance of vegetables.

Making all of our hay for the year.

Good weather for the crops.

A fun visit to Chicago...

and Michigan (solo with 4--I made it!) ;)

Lots of food to preserve for winter.

Healthy little helpers.

A great season for our humble farmstand.

Visits with family and friends.

A very mild fall = tomatoes until late October!

And today, we look forward to wrapping up the year with a lunch with good friends-- enjoying food we preserved from the summer and reflecting on our blessings from 2013.  

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to 2014!

04 July 2013

our 4th

a market, usually in the afternoon, but switched to the morning to coincide with
a parade, and 
a summer cake

happy 4th!