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01 August 2015

catching up

We arrived home Wednesday evening, just in time to harvest for farmers' market.  
It's a bit surreal harvesting on our farmstead in Vermont in the evening, when just that morning you were traveling on public transit through Chicago with four little ones.

Yesterday, I was back to work at our co-op and last night I attended a party for our outgoing general manager.

Today, a friend came over to help me catch up on blueberry picking and weeding.  We welcomed a new little heifer to our farm, moved the chickens, cooked and baked...

Tonight, the kids were running and biking through the yard while I weeded my herb garden...I think we're getting back into the groove here.

23 August 2014

We're back!

The kids and I are back!  
After a great couple weeks visiting family, we've returned to
cool, damp days,
sunflowers taking over everything,
so, so many blueberries,
and tomatoes,
weeds and seedlings (and blighted chard and basil- *sigh*),
onions and (our wee little harvest of) garlic in the barn,
and fall raspberries growing...

It's a hard adjustment for us to leave family after such a wonderful time, but we've come home to a lot of work and a lot of food!  Off to pick blueberries... Have a great weekend!

24 October 2013

fall walk

The corner of our field, just under two old apple trees, is where our property meets the Delaware-Hudson rail trail.  
Turn right and it will lead you about 18 miles south to West Rupert (through Poultney, Granville (NY), and West Pawlet).
Turn left and it will lead you about 2 miles into our town of Castleton.
It's beautiful (and flat!) and perfect for a bike ride or a walk with F and some homemade chai.
We feel very lucky to have it!

26 November 2012

It's been a whirlwind of a week... and I'm sick, yet again.  (Non-stop colds during this pregnancy)
The boys' favorite kitty was hit by a car last Wednesday.  We are still missing him.  :(
A quick trip down to CT for Thanksgiving.
A successful two day craft fair with some mama friends.
More piglets, though they came early and we lost more than half the litter.
And a long day at work today. 
Missing Tiger...
An attempt at a 'cousins pic'...

Holiday market photos from my friend's phone...
Looking forward to a day at home tomorrow.

23 August 2011


sometimes it's hard to find the time to cook all of our vegetables when we're so busy growing them. some things that have been on the menu a lot this summer are deep dish pizza* (loaded with garden goodies),

this simple Asian Cabbage Salad from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home,

and pico de gallo--where we just throw together tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lemon juice (and avocado if we happen to have it) :)
*just the dough recipe from America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book--
haven't tried the sauce part of the recipe--we just use our homegrown puree

16 August 2011


unwinding, adjusting, accepting

(and weeding, harvesting, processing)