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08 December 2015

handmade holiday

A few more handmade holiday ideas... 
I made many of these simple button ornaments.   Some as gifts and some for a "gift workshop" at our village school where kids can pick out gifts for family and friends.  

I brought some homemade deodorant to the holiday market we attended, but have extra for gift giving.  This stuff really works!  I started with one of these recipes but tweaked it a bit.

These little kits are so simple but my little ones love to sew while I'm doing needlework or embroidering.  Darning needles work well because they are not sharp, but look similar to the needles I use, so the kids are thrilled.  

I have some new items posted to our etsy site 
and I'm joining Nicole today.  

04 December 2012


Oops!  Waited until dark (which is late afternoon now!) to take photos...  

Joining Nicole with my current projects-- working on pj pants for most of my nephews and 
started a knitting project for myself (um, oops again...should be working on gifts!) which is taking longer than I thought it would.  

Thanks for the sweet comments last week--I'm feeling much better this week!

26 November 2012

It's been a whirlwind of a week... and I'm sick, yet again.  (Non-stop colds during this pregnancy)
The boys' favorite kitty was hit by a car last Wednesday.  We are still missing him.  :(
A quick trip down to CT for Thanksgiving.
A successful two day craft fair with some mama friends.
More piglets, though they came early and we lost more than half the litter.
And a long day at work today. 
Missing Tiger...
An attempt at a 'cousins pic'...

Holiday market photos from my friend's phone...
Looking forward to a day at home tomorrow.

20 November 2012


Joining Nicole this week with more crafting for our upcoming holiday market.
The boys made many, many bookmarks again (like last year) while
M busily stamped.  (M is sporting some new pj pants that I made this week)

13 November 2012

more knitting

Joining Nicole this week with more knitting!  
Just finished up this hat (love the yarn, but don't know the name
as I wound it up years ago after I purchased it at the Common Ground Fair).
And made a quick toddler hat with peace fleece scraps (hard to get a shot that's not blurry
and he's sporting a bad rug burn by his lip!)

Update!! I think I've found the yarn--this looks like the right site! :)

06 November 2012

all day long

Excuse the very poor quality of the photos...I was busy finishing up some calorimetry headbands,
lots of infinity scarves and a blueleaf headband.  With the time change, it was getting dark by the time I went to take some photos! 
Joining Nicole today with this week's crafting.