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02 February 2015

these days

m's falcons

First, I'm so excited to announce the arrival of our first niece (after 6 nephews)!  My sister (who just flew with my nephew a couple weeks ago to visit) had a baby girl on Thursday night about 3.5 weeks early.  Everyone is doing really well and little Estella went home just in time to be snug at home before the snowstorm hit Chicago.

These bitter snowy days have meant a lot of time inside...
working on our bird studies
knitting, reading, rocking
and even time inside for the littlest animals in the farm.

I've also started another online college course to slowly finish up my prerequisites for becoming a lactation consultant.  Which means many more nights like this.   

Hope everyone is staying warm!

02 January 2014

starting off 2014

 Lots of snow (and Fenna is so excited to see Papa outside!)
The boys decided to clean their room, shelves and all.
Homeschool shelf (slightly) more organized.
Our favorite banana bread (with fresh ground oat flour).

21 August 2013

catching up

Well, it's been such a busy time catching up around the farm that I haven't had time to catch up on the blog!  
The big boys just got back from Michigan on Monday night.  While they were gone, we got our second cut of hay in, had farmers' markets, battled some pantry pests (nothing like spending an entire day cleaning the pantry when there is hay on the ground!) and did some canning.
The day after they returned, the kids and I joined our homeschool group at Fort Ticonderoga.
I had my hesitations about going since there is so much to do here, but it was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed it! 
On the way home, we got stuck in a construction zone on the top of the Crown Point Bridge...the views of the Adirondacks were amazing!

And little F is 7 months old today! 

23 October 2012


Homeschooling (well, Z was finishing up a "wallet" that he wanted to make...),
lots of playing with "baby george",
still working on the scarf I posted last week (although now I can tote it around in a beautiful basket I received as a birthday gift from a sweet friend),
canning beets (no photo yet!),
and trying out a homemade chai recipe from my sister (and joining Nicole again this week!)

21 May 2012

field trip

The boys and I took a trip to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science on Friday.  It was the perfect day to do a bit of hiking (test out my healing foot!) and see all of the raptors they have!  Each of these birds can no longer live in the wild due to different injuries.  
VINS had interesting facts and the story of each bird--a very neat field trip!