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05 December 2014

the porch

While my parents were visiting in November, they were kind enough to help us fix up our porch.  The floor of the porch needed to be replaced and we also replaced the posts with more supportive ones (as we found out the ones there were hollow and only one went all the way to the ground!)

Adam and my dad did most of it in a day.  It is such a relief to have a new posts and the new flooring is wonderful.  I'm already looking forward to summer evenings on the porch enjoying homemade ice cream... a favorite way for us to spend our evenings in the summer.

I couldn't resist including photos of F on a pogo stick, hardly bouncing but full of joy.
And her wearing a dress my mom made for me 33 years ago.  :)

Have a great weekend!

09 April 2013


washing greens, greens and more greens
packaging syrup
working on school
hanging laundry
cleaning pipelines and pails
decluttering the barns
planting seeds
picking flowers

29 January 2013

while i was resting

We have a pretty small farmhouse.  What could be a bedroom is extremely hot in the summer (former attic), so we use it as an office/craft room.  We're left with a bedroom for Adam & I (and the little ones) and a large room downstairs that serves as a playroom/homeschool/storage area/laundry (newly! Adam moved my washer/dryer upstairs!) but will probably be a bedroom eventually. 
 The older boys have been sleeping in the loft.  The floor was just a sub-floor, put down after our lead abatement a few years back. 
While I was resting up this past week, my parents put down a laminate flooring and built the shelves that now hold the boys clothes and treasures.  We moved my sewing area out of the loft and they have a book corner, too.  It's a pretty amazing transformation and the boys love it!