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23 February 2016

first boil (and a new bonnet)

Adam spent the day boiling yesterday, with the help of our friend Mark.  He made about 4 gallons of syrup, which I'll can up today and post in our etsy shop!  

Fenna had the sweetest little hand-me-down bonnet when she was younger and I wanted to make another one like it (after her 'rose aux joeus bonnet' went through the washer and dryer and I haven't been able to block it back to size successfully).  I used the 'fresh bonnet' pattern, but did fewer increases so it would be snugger to her head.  I also added a longer rib band along the bottom to make it more snug.  It fits well, though she doesn't like it tied tightly around her chin. 

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03 February 2016

for nana

I finished my Nana's "happy birthday throw" this past weekend.  Getting a good photo of bright pink is similar to getting a good photo of red.  Each picture looks like a slightly different color... but the blanket is bright pink with purples and smaller flecks of a rainbow of colors.  Perfect for her new room in the Alzheimers care home.  (My mum described her room as very plain right now--so the kids have been busy coloring pictures for the walls).

I've been imagining knitting her a big hug the whole time I've been knitting.  I hope she can feel it when she wraps up in it. 

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12 January 2016


Finished my February Lady sweater!  I love the fit, though I'm horrible at posing for photos and look very awkward in these.  Out of the 5 sweaters that I've made myself in the past 11 years, this is by far my favorite!

Yarn:  peace fleece wild mustard
Buttons: These! (but in a greenish-brown) 

05 January 2016

february lady (and more)

My February Lady sweater is coming along.  I think I may be wearing it by February!  (Knit up with Peace Fleece's wild mustard in worsted).

The kids have been busy crafting with play dough.  I found these neat little play dough toys from Plan Toys for M and F's Christmas gifts from us.  So simple and fun.  

And not really crafty, but I finally used the pears that I froze this summer in a smoothie and they were delicious.  An almost totally homegrown smoothie.   I decided to add coconut milk for a little extra creaminess...but other than that it was our blueberries, pears, milk, yogurt and maple syrup (oh and a bit of homemade kombucha).  

04 November 2015

22 October 2015


I've been knitting up these Blue Leaf headbands with peace fleece yarn and both branch buttons and these lovely buttons from Natalie.  A quick, fun knit.

Also, I finally finished Z's birthday quilt.  He loved a small patchwork blanket that my sister gave me, and he also loves Johnson Wool (still made in VT!), so I bought their scraps (pre-cut into 8 inch squares and available by the pound) to make a wool patchwork quilt.  I used a very soft, flannel flat sheet that was an unused spare we had as the back.  

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01 September 2015

knitting again

I don't knit much during the summer...
but I've eased back into knitting by testing this pattern for a friend
"Roger Bear" was a fun pattern, made for her sisters' Nice & Knit yarn (watch for the pattern in their shop!)
The beautiful variegated green yarn is the Nice & Knit colorway 'surf'.  It's so soft (and washable, too).  This little Roger Bear will be heading to my niece for Christmas.

12 May 2015

rain, finally

We are so thankful for the rain last night.  After more than two weeks without rain, and with very hot days, we were getting worried about the seedlings we'd already planted.  Fortunately, the work Adam puts into cover cropping and soil amendment helps with moisture retention and it seems that most of the seedlings fared well.

Slowly but surely I'm working on my february lady sweater.  Inspired by Sarah's project with the peace fleece wild mustard color and Kim's february lady sweater, I decided to make one for myself.  A slight mistake in the lace meant that I pulled out several inches.  It's been hard for me to motivate myself to keep working on it now.  But I do love the color and love knitting with peace fleece.

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31 March 2015

hearts for me

I completely forgot to post a picture of the hat that I made myself back in February...a Valentine to myself. ;)  
This pattern, but with different decreasing at the end for a shorter hat--but still big enough to stuff all of my hair into.  Made with peace fleece (one of my favorite yarns).

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10 March 2015

in the kitchen, on the needles

*Almost* done with K's birthday blanket...just a wee bit late.  
He requested a blanket, picked out the color and the pattern and it's been a fun one to knit (I rarely knit large projects like this).  The chunky yarn and size 13 needles makes it go quickly for a blanket. 

The start of sugaring season has us thinking maple all the time--so we're enjoying the last of our 2014 maple syrup with homemade waffles and pancakes (using the Nourishing Tradition's fresh ground 5 grain mix).

03 February 2015

in the kitchen, on the needles

On the needles:
After the arrival of my new niece, I knitted up this little bonnet to send her.
And today, upon news of a dear friend's dad who is very sick, I wanted to make something special for her.  I used a lovely birch branch slice from Vermont Branch Company and The Sitting Tree's heart pattern. 

In the kitchen:
My first decent loaf of sourdough bread (sorry for the funny coloring of this late night photo).
I'm embarrassed to say that I've tried and tried sourdough for many, many years.  My loaves are too flat, or too dense, or just not right.  This is with fresh ground spelt and unbleached white flour and my own sourdough starter.  Thanks to my new Taproot issue, I tried a thicker levain and folding the dough multiple times (rather than letting it proof and than rise again before baking).  Unfortunately, my next loaf wasn't quite as nice.  I love fermenting foods (we consume a crazy amount of yogurt here and many fermented veggies, too) but I'm still working on the sourdough.  We have enjoyed quite a few sourdough cinnamon rolls, though.

What's going on in your kitchen or on your needles lately?

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27 January 2015

sleep sack

A friend of mine asked me to make a sleep sack for her friend's new baby boy.  
I used a washable yarn and this pattern...and added some homemade buttons, too.

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06 January 2015

a baby hat

A little gift for a friend's new baby girl who was born on New Year's Day.  

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30 December 2014


Here is the jumper I mentioned last week.  Because I don't know how to make buttonholes, I just stitched on snaps with homemade wooden buttons sewn on (can't really see in the photo).
The pocket is felt with a larger homemade button.  For a non-sewing mama, a warm flannel jumper that fits = success!  

The cowl is one that I whipped up for a friend's birthday.  It was so quick and I love how it turned out.  The pattern is posted in the "notes" section of the ravelry link.

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21 October 2014

rose aux joues

Adam recently asked me to knit F a bonnet and scarf combo.  I searched around ravelry a bit and ended up buying this pattern.  The star stitch is my favorite, so I couldn't resist this bonnet. 
It knit up quite quickly (...I did a skinnier scarf so she wouldn't mind it tied under her chin).
She happened to be wearing her 'In Threes', which still fits well.  It's the wooly time of year again!

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