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20 October 2016

fall project

If you follow us on instagram, you know we made a crazy trip to Michigan this fall.  Adam hadn't been able to make the trip in almost six years (and hadn't had more than one day off of milking in two years!)  But thanks to a friend from church, we were able to make a four day trip for my cousin's wedding.  He got to spend time with my grandpa and visit my nana in her Alzheimer care home...and even meet some family he'd never met before.  

After our whirlwind trip, my parents came out for just three days to help install a sink we purchased!  My dad had built the cabinet for it and we had to tear out a broom closet and the old sink, patch and paint the wall, and (after much hassle with the plumbing) put in the new sink.  Without a dishwasher, and with bottling all of the milk jars that we do in a week, this new sink will make it much easier.  I'll miss the old enamel farm sink, but we have future plans for its use in another spot. 

16 July 2016

camp jacoby

The kids and I are back after our fun, full adventure to visit family.  

02 May 2016

my time in michigan

my grandpa on the tractor he gave us

my grandpa

lake michigan and 'big red'

my parents' back yard (a harbor off of lake michigan)

my nana

my grandma dorothy

tulip time is coming

I'm so thankful I was able to travel to Michigan last week.  I saw countless family members from both sides of my family because so many relatives from my dad's side came to my grandpa's visitation.  The funeral service for him was so moving.  Distant cousins of mine play bluegrass music and sang his favorite hymns in the most beautiful harmonies.  Despite the sad circumstance, the feelings of joy and love in the reuniting as a (large!) family were so much stronger than the sadness.

At the same time that we were burying him, his tractors were arriving in Vermont.  He gave Adam the two tractors that he had, which will allow us to grow our own feed for our animals because they are so much more powerful than the tractors we have.  It was so bittersweet for my mum and I.  We cried when we got a short video from a friend who filmed their arrival in Vermont.  But we will think of him every time we use them... And I found a wonderful picture of him on one of the tractors.

My sister and I also got to spend time with my nana (who is now in alzheimer's care).  We also met with a great aunt (who was married to my grandpa's brother) who was best friends with my mum's mum (who died when my mum was 7).  We know so little about my Grandma Dorothy but we gathered many stories and photos about her from my Aunt Girlie.  It was such a blessing.  

And, of course, we got to enjoy the tulips, though we were a couple weeks early for the Tulip Time Festival.  I haven't made it to Michigan in May in years, so it was wonderful to see the tulip lined streets of my hometown.

Finally, I arrived home just in time to celebrate M's 6th birthday!  My friend's mum made a (M-designed) cake for him that I picked up on my way back from the airport.  He was thrilled to have a family birthday party right when we got back home.  

25 April 2016

My mum's father passed away yesterday. 
Like many families, my mum's family's story is long and complicated, with too many emotional details for my farming blog.  But, as I head to Michigan, with little F, to be with my family, I am overwhelmed with thanks for the past two months that my mum and her siblings had with him.  He spent these final weeks of his life dividing time between each of their homes...where they cared for him as his cancer weakened him, they talked with him, and remembered with him.  And I have learned many lessons in love watching them go through this.  
The traits that I will remember from my grandpa stretch back to his mother, who I wish I could have met.  Frugality, kindness, and generosity are in all of the stories I have heard about her, and are the heart of the memories I will pass on about him.
Rest in peace, Grandpa.