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08 August 2016

out and about: ballet

This summer, I have made a point of trying to get to some of the local events near us that I usually end up skipping because of the busyness of farm life.  We aren't too far from Saratoga Performing Arts Center, so I took the two little ones to the New York City Ballet!  They have lawn seating, which is not only kid-friendly but also free for kids under 12!  For just $15, we saw four different ballets (and some of my favorite, amazing dancers!)

Last night, F and I went to Farm to Ballet.  This is a very neat project in Vermont that brings ballet to many different farms around the state.  Each performance raises money for a different local non-profit.  The ballets are farm-themed (and even use farm materials as props--like the remay and irrigation pipe salad greens in the photo above).  We're actually going again next weekend when my sister and her kids visit (different farm, different fundraiser). 

(I apologize to my instagram friends who have seen some of these photos already.)

16 July 2016

camp jacoby

The kids and I are back after our fun, full adventure to visit family.  

16 May 2016

the weekend

F and I made the trip to Connecticut this weekend and had a nice time at Adam's sister-in-law's baby shower.  It was also so nice to spend the weekend with my best friend, who has the loveliest place (the first photos), full of handmade items, and knitted, sewn and painted crafts she's made (or are in the works).  

We made the trip to Brimfield, too (which was *sort of* on my way home).   It was overwhelming to work through in an afternoon (we barely made it through a third of it), but worth the detour.  

I came home to very cold temperatures, and we have blueberries in bloom and tender plants growing, so we had to cover everything the best we could and thankfully, they made it through the night.  Looking forward to warmer temperatures at the end of the week.

18 November 2015

a weekend away

One of my dearest friends moved to Connecticut this year and I finally was able to venture down to visit her this past weekend.  My little farmgirl came along, since it is difficult for Adam to do farm chores with her and she still nurses at bedtime.  

It was a fun getaway for us.  We took a whirlwind trip into New York City to Purl Soho, went to Ikea, spent some time by the ocean, drank lots of coffee and stayed up too late knitting every night.  A pretty awesome weekend.

24 July 2015

our trip

I headed westward with the kids without a computer.  So, I've taken a pause from blogging for most of July.  We are spending time in both Chicago and Michigan visiting family.  Here are some glimpses of our time off the farm. 

the kids get to experience city living--we travel by bus and train
the bean
maggie daley park
sunset on the train
their grandparents' backyard
the annual cousin jump
foggy day at lake michigan
working at a community garden

We still have a few more days before we are back in Vermont.  Savoring every moment with family while we are here.