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18 April 2016

spring on the farm

By the end of last week, the weather was feeling very spring-y here!
Flowers are blooming,
our greens are growing,
the kids have rediscovered some outdoor games and toys,
 (little F inherited that small plastic house from a neighbor and has fallen in love with it),
the pigs are loving their pasture area with cover crop,
the peas are planted and trellis is up...

Our farmstead (both people and animals) are loving this time of year.

04 May 2015

checking in

Things are getting busier around here.  My parents came to visit for four days and they love to have projects.  They planted 8,000 onions and leeks, changed my brakes, buffed and waxed my car, "greened up" Vermont, fixed several things inside the house and see that bottom picture...?  That is a self-closing door on the chicken coop!  Adam and my dad came up with a system that I plan on describing in more detail later this week.  

I just realized M has a helmet on in each photo he is in (from different days).  That little guy is constantly on his bike now that it's feeling like spring here!  (And oblivious to the fact his helmet is on--so it's on all the time!  Probably not a bad thing when he decides to ride on top of the planter tank.)

We've seeded some carrots, beets and greens and Adam has the ground ready for potatoes.  We're growing different varieties of several things this year, after reading this book and following her recommendations.   Have I posted about the book, Eating on the Wild Side?   I can't recommend it enough to any of you who enjoy food/farming-related non-fiction or those of you who grow food.

And now back to finishing up my own schooling--my final night!  

28 April 2014


Signs of spring are here...some a month later than normal.
Our first crocus bloomed last week!
Peepers in the swamp down the road.
Cows moved across the road today.
Bikes, balls, shovels and trucks all over the yard.

This is the time of year I feel overwhelmed with squeezing in the homeschooling we haven't done, helping Adam with planting, adjusting to him being off of the farm more and I'm also working a little extra at our local co-op.
But, in the midst of it all, I'm taking my kids to meet-up with family for a few days somewhere between here and Michigan.  Looking forward to a few days away,  just in time to come home to 5,000 onion plants waiting to be planted.

05 June 2013


Just another busy day...
cooking and dishes
planting and weeding
but finished off with a visit with a friend on the lake

Our summer season is picking up--
with so much to do, it's wonderful to be able to slow down for a night.

21 November 2012

planting seeds

The new high tunnel is staying very warm on these sunny
November days.  Adam decided to try and plant some cold hardy greens
under row covers to see how they would do... Ideally, we would have planted earlier in the fall, but since we just covered the high tunnel, we had a late start this fall.

I'll keep you posted!  :)