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21 January 2013


My sweet friends had a little get together for me.  Delicious food, crafting and sewing,
and lots of good conversation.  I've actually never had a baby shower or blessingway with any of 
my babies, so this was extra special.

16 January 2013


Some crafting I might try out before baby4 comes.


Lip balm (but without the essential oils...I tend to like mine "plain")

07 January 2013

the last few weeks

I've been neglecting the blog a bit...
and neglecting a lot of things, actually.
It's the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I've been wanting to just
stay home
snuggle my boys
and let go of all of the distracting tasks that pull me off the farm.

This is the first January that I have not taken the boys to Michigan to visit my family.
As much as we miss seeing everyone, it's been much less stressful to just stay put...
we're prepping the house for baby4, creatively rearranging things in our small home and anxiously anticipating the arrival of our new washer (ours broke a week ago).