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05 January 2016

february lady (and more)

My February Lady sweater is coming along.  I think I may be wearing it by February!  (Knit up with Peace Fleece's wild mustard in worsted).

The kids have been busy crafting with play dough.  I found these neat little play dough toys from Plan Toys for M and F's Christmas gifts from us.  So simple and fun.  

And not really crafty, but I finally used the pears that I froze this summer in a smoothie and they were delicious.  An almost totally homegrown smoothie.   I decided to add coconut milk for a little extra creaminess...but other than that it was our blueberries, pears, milk, yogurt and maple syrup (oh and a bit of homemade kombucha).  

23 November 2015

flint corn

We have tried in the past to grow flint corn, and it grew great...but molded when it was drying and we were unable to use it.  This year we grew Floriani Red flint corn and most of it dried well.  I was so excited that I ground up a few of the driest ears to make cornbread.  We often eat homegrown meals, but this week when we ate our chili and cornbread, everything but the salt, baking powder and spices came from our farm.  

(I apologize for the crappier pictures, but I have been using an old hand-me-down iPhone to take photos lately.  It's cost prohibitive to use as an actual phone, but it is just so easy to carry around in my pocket to snap photos!) ;)  

12 November 2015

dry beans

Adam and the kids processed our dry beans.  We grow just one variety each year for our family.  This year we grew Vermont Cranberry beans and ended up with a great harvest.  

12 October 2015

preserving, preserved

The cold weather is coming and I'm feeling the pressure to harvest and preserve before the garden freezes.  

On the list this week:
more tomatoes (slowly but surely we have been working on canning the ones still ripening--today, sauce with my tomato-cutting helper!)
kale, in the freezer
peppers, chopped and frozen
carrots, in the root cellar
beets, root cellared and pickled

Already preserved:
tomatoes, sauce, bbq sauce and puree
salsa, tomato and corn varieties
strawberries, jam and frozen
blueberries, frozen
grapes, frozen juice--to be decided on how to use
kale, frozen
chard, frozen
green beans, frozen
zucchini noodles, frozen (experimenting with this!)
sweet corn, frozen and in salsa
beets, pickled
pears, canned and frozen
cucumbers, fermented
cabbage, fermented and frozen (experimenting for quick stir-fry meals)
potatoes, in the root cellar
onions and garlic

I think that's everything so far.  Our (18 cubic ft) fruit and veggie freezer is completely full.  Our pantry shelves are filling with canned goods. 
We like to make applesauce but there is a little less pressure to get that done right now as we can get nice seconds well into November or December from our favorite orchard.  
Every year I wish that I preserved more than I do, but we end up eating our own veggies and fruits (or local fruits we can and freeze) all year long.  It is really the "profit" we get from our farmsteading lifestyle...and we certainly enjoy eating our harvest all year long.

05 September 2014

and onions are in!

Our copra storage onions did really well this year!
The whole family helped with the harvest and we'll have more than enough for the winter and to sell to our local co-op.  
The cover crop is already coming up and only the leeks are left in that section of the field.  
Starting to look like a fall garden.

25 February 2013

shelling beans

Adam and the boys just shelled our dry beans from this summer. 
We grew hutterite and jacob's cattle beans.  
I'll post another picture of the beans (and a recipe or two) soon!