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22 February 2012

Adam and the boys have been busy pruning the random apple trees around the farm.

One of them is right on the roadside here...makes me wonder if it just happened to grow here, or if someone really planted it in this spot.

Speaking of the road, our farm is split into three parcels by two different roads. Years ago, when we were dreaming of the farm we'd have, that farm was down some dirt road lined with stone walls. Well, this farm is not--but we've come to appreciate the road for selling our meats, veggies and eggs.

(the "drive-thru" egg window)

And I can't help but think of the history of the farm with the road right here. This road was probably just a narrow carriage road when our farm was built. That bridge, now part of our beloved rail-trail into town, was the rail that carried vegetables, fruits and flowers grown right here into the nearest large town 15 miles away.