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28 January 2015

the rink this year

Some years, after a good January thaw, we end up with enough ice to clear it for an ice rink.
Remember our rink last year?  Well, it's not nearly as big.  But it's big enough for a hockey game and the boys have not minded the cold, cold temps...sometimes playing until dark.  

30 December 2013

Our Best Rink Yet

Every other year (or so) after a good thaw, our field across the road from the house freezes over into a rink.  This year, we had warm weather for several days and then an ice storm and now have the very best rink we've ever had.  
A family hockey game was in order on Christmas day.
Adam made some PVC goals and even M was on skates.
Hopefully, we'll be able to enjoy it all winter long!

04 February 2013


The little farmgirl and I stayed inside
while the boys went skating on the frozen field with a bonfire.

A great winter afternoon!