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03 April 2013

This morning, on On Point Radio, I heard an interesting discussion on the way we communicate.  "Letters are dead, E-mails outdated..."  I love letters.  I love to get mail.  I love to send mail.  I've lived far from my family and many of my dear friends for more than a third of my life, so it's been a huge part of those relationships during my adult life.
I do use email often.  It's easy and quick and I prefer it to the phone in most cases.
  Technology is a big part of our lives now--we use it all the time.  For work (etsy), for community (facebook), for fun (ravelry & pinterest)...we live far from family and friends and I enjoy the ease of communicating with tools like facebook.  But it struck me as sad to hear that there are many types of communication (that I hadn't even heard of) that have replaced even texting, because texting isn't quick enough!  I'm still holding out on getting a cell-phone, so I'll never be ready to say that letters are dead.

I wonder how long I can keep things simple for my kids.  How do you handle all of this, especially with your kids?  Are you resistant to the constant move towards "quicker and quicker"?  
Do you still write letters?