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05 April 2016

Another quick dress (and more...)

F loves her Easter dress so much that I decided to knit up a quicker one.  I found this pattern, which knit up very fast (though I just realized I somehow read it wrong and missed the stockinette section... oh well, it still looks alright!)  I aimed her towards some darker fabrics this time and she chose a vintage looking flower pattern (on grey--perfect for play!) 

Just days ago, on April 1, I posted my daffodil blooming to my instagram account.  We loaded next winter's wood into the shed/mudroom and it felt a lot like spring here.

Then, on Monday, it snowed (and snowed and snowed) and today we woke to just 4º temps here.

Lots of projects going on.  F found some tissue paper and we were glueing and drawing.  M was making up games on many (many) scraps of paper and we pretty much stayed inside most of the day.  I love this weather in January and February...not as much in April. ;)

Joining Nicole today...

29 December 2015

First Snow

We had our first real snow last night.  Icy snow, but it still made the kids quite happy.
There was sledding down the small hill we have, sled rides behind the cub cadet and a little farmgirl that was very shy about actually walking in the snow.  

Adam and I spent most of the day rearranging in our house...not an easy thing to do in a small farmhouse but my "craft room" got a lot bigger (shared with the toys and the laundry).  Will post pics soon.  :)  

05 December 2012

it doesn't take much

snow, that is!  we had a couple days with a dusting of snow and the boys managed
to sled down the hills in our woods.  they can't wait for more!