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08 July 2013

rained out


For the past couple of months, I've been trying to walk a mile a day.  
That is not an easy thing to do around here--with something always coming up on the farm.
I try to go without the kids (or maybe just 1 in a stroller) 
but that sometimes doesn't happen unless I go after dark.  

Lately, my walks have been getting rained out just as I'm about to go...
like last night, as we sat on the porch watching the third storm of the day roll in.

27 December 2012

around the farm

checking out the warm high tunnel

daisy and abby

a new little one

one of the 5 trees we lost in the windstorm

vanilla butter cookies

glitter, glitter, glitter

22 December 2012


 I had no intention of disappearing from the blog for more than a week...
But we spent the week enjoying visits from my sister and her family
and Adam's brother and his wife.
We spent a day without power during a crazy wind storm
and many days cooking, cuddling and crafting.
Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

09 July 2012

before and after

We had a storm on the 4th.  The combination of dusk and the clouds rolling in made the 
most beautiful colors.
Lightning lit the clouds long after the storm had past.