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22 September 2016



Autumn is here, my favorite of seasons.  
We have had a full September so far. 
It started with our sunday school picnic for church, at a lovely state park in Southern Vermont and today, I snapped this photo of F enjoying a giant cookie at one of our final farmers' markets. 
We've been cooking and canning, harvesting and processing, freezing and drying.
We've slowly begun homeschooling, and completely skipped lessons for days while we used my grandpa's tractors to chop the first field corn we've ever grown, and filled our barn full with hay for the winter.
We've celebrated our 13th year of marriage, and enjoyed our annual date night when our dear friend offered to babysit while she visited for several days.
We've harvested "too many pumpkins" and fired up our woodstove on chilly mornings.
We are trying to squeeze in the busyness of summer into the shortening days of fall.

02 September 2016

This mix of pictures pretty much sums up our August.  Lots of farm work punctuated with days at the lake with friends, days inside canning and days at farmers' market.
I have worked hard this summer to try and prioritize breaks.  Breaks from weeding and harvesting and canning and housework.  In the past, I've looked back at our summer months and realized I had not taken the kids swimming or on a hike or to visit friends nearly as much as I had hoped to.  So, this summer I made a point to do that.  I'm behind in canning and my herb garden is overgrown, but August was full and fun.

a day at our friends' airstream "cottage" on lake st catherine
one of the many cantaloupes we snuck from our farmstand
spicy dill pickles
an afternoon with our college friends (and their kids) on lake beebe
an after-bedtime load of hay
cantaloupe vanilla bean jam (which ended up more like a sauce)
a day trip to visit adam's family near boston
farmers' market
an afternoon at our friend's home on lake bomoseen
back to homeschool (sort of)
a surprise while doing chicken chores--raspberries are ripening

29 July 2016

I'm back!

I've been neglecting this space since our return.  We jumped right into two weeks of swimming lessons at our local beach.  With several kids taking different lessons, it ends up that we spend a good part of our day at the beach.  After years of letting this stress me out, I now try to embrace it, since I rarely pack up lunches and spend a day at the beach with the kids when we aren't there for swimming lessons.  With 10 beach days, harvesting, markets, my job at the food co-op (and regular old housework), these two weeks have flown by.

Looking forward to focusing on harvesting, preserving, homeschool portfolios and everything else I've neglected for the past month (like this blog)! ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

10 September 2015

one last swim

The weather was so hot and humid this week, so unlike a Vermont September.
Even though we were very busy with the harvest and haying, we took an afternoon to visit our favorite spot on the river one last time before the weather changes.  

29 June 2015

the last 10 days

Summer is here... with farmers' markets, weeding, food preserving, weeding, finishing up homeschooling, weeding, planting, weeding... and some time for fun.

We spend a great deal of time weeding right now.  But, in the past 10 days since my last post, we've also processed 60 pounds of strawberries into jam, the freezer and strawberry shortcake for dinner for a week straight.  We enjoyed our first river swim of the season on father's day and celebrated my friend's birthday at their summer camping spot on the lake.  F is rediscovering the gardens as a big two year old--enjoying fresh baby carrots right out of the ground (wiped quickly on mama's shirt) and barefeet in freshly cultivated soil.  Many days we spend the whole day outside working and playing.  

The next two weeks, before I ventured westward with the kids, are full of swimming lessons, preparing the gardens for us leaving (Adam will still be here working hard, but I tend to do most of the hand-weeding), food saving and farmers' markets.  

Yes, summer is here.