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27 August 2014

some views from our trip

We spent some time in Chicago with my sister's family and some time in Michigan with the rest of my family.  We are missing Lake Michigan (and family!) a lot right now!

30 July 2013


I'm headed westward with the kids...first to Chicago for a few days to see my sister and then a quick train trip to Michigan.  The blog will be pretty quiet for the next couple of weeks. 
Looking forward to spending time by the lake with family and friends... but first we have to get there.
Wish me luck!  ;)

22 December 2012


 I had no intention of disappearing from the blog for more than a week...
But we spent the week enjoying visits from my sister and her family
and Adam's brother and his wife.
We spent a day without power during a crazy wind storm
and many days cooking, cuddling and crafting.
Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

21 August 2012


Having a great time with cousins!  We all live in different states, so it's been a real treat to spend time together this week.  The boys love it!

20 August 2012

keep calm, craft on

Joining Nicole from Michigan this week.  Finished this project..which I really like, 
though I wish it was a bit longer.
I'm happy with the yarn and it was a fun, quick knit!

Back to the beach! ;)

14 August 2012

keep calm, drive on

No crafting right now!  I'm on the road with Micah...headed to the sandy shores of Lake Michigan!
Wish me luck--it's a long drive.  :)

23 July 2012

good and full

That was our weekend.
It was good.
It was very full.
Full of friends from far, swimming, picnics, bonfires and lots of kiddos!  

Hope you had a great weekend as well!

21 November 2011


I never posted about our quick get-away to Pennsylvania in September. We attended a wedding in Connecticut and decided to visit one of Adam's favorite places while we were headed south--Bird-in-Hand, PA.
It was a beautiful time to visit.