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20 June 2016

solstice in the garden

Playing, weeding and enjoying the first baby carrots, snow peas and ripe blueberries!
Happy Solstice!

16 September 2013


Sadly, our butternuts did nothing this year (we loooove butternuts here).  
BUT, our new england pie pumpkins did really well.
Adam's harvest 80 bushels of seconds to feed to our pigs and we've filled the wagon with pumpkins to sell (with many more in the field to harvest).
Feels like fall!

17 June 2013

at market

a bit delayed due to some technical difficulties... ;)

The little market in our town has started.
We have lots of greens, some young beets, syrup and pastured pork.
Another market starts this week!

13 June 2013

to market

The small farmers' market in our town started last week.  
We've been working on getting our market stuff together (of course, we could have done this 
all winter!) ;)  Lots of greens, herbs and rhubarb for market right now.
More farmers' markets start next week!

24 May 2013

around the farm

big soap order
onions and corn
puddles and greens
high tunnel
farm dog
chickens and cows

what's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

11 March 2013


Remember this post?
Well, the warmer daytime temps means the spinach is growing fast!
Another week of warm weather and we'll have so many greens to harvest.
Spinach for dinner!

29 October 2012


A rainbow of carrots in the root cellar now.

**Wishing all my eastcoast friends a safe couple of days**

12 September 2012

"Too Many Pumpkins"

We felt like we were in one of our favorite fall books today--Too Many Pumpkins!
Our pie pumpkins and butternuts did so well this year!  Now we just have to sell them.  ;)