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03 November 2014


After many years of living in this area (13 this fall), I finally hiked Haystack Mountain.  I have heard how beautiful the views are, I had seen amazing photos from the top, but because we always seem to have 2 kids that need to be carried, it has been hard to make the hike (it's just 4 miles round trip but the steep hike up makes it hard for little legs).  We went with many friends this weekend, so Adam carried M and I carried F and we had others to help with lunch and water.  
It was a beautiful hike!  

18 September 2013

farmall hill

This weekend we went to Farmall Hill in Shoreham, Vermont. 
The kids loved it...lots of new and old tractors, machinery and even a horse-powered baler ("just like in Little House in the Big Woods!")
Fun little family outing.

30 May 2013

venture vermont

For the past two years, we've participated in the Venture Vermont Challenge through
the Vermont State Parks.  It's a great program--you keep track of activities and outings and once you have enough points, you get free passes to Vermont State Parks for the following year.
 So, with our Venture Vermont passes from last year, we've
started visiting local state parks and working towards our 250 points for next year!

02 June 2012


After living in this area for more than 10 years, we finally saw our Lake Bomoseen by boat!
Friends of ours rented a boat last weekend and we took a nice tour of the lake at dusk.
I grew up on Lake Michigan, spending so much of my time on boats--so it reminded me of early
summer boatrides I took as a child.  The boys had a great time and especially enjoyed driving and seeing a seaplane parked at a restaurant.

21 May 2012

field trip

The boys and I took a trip to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science on Friday.  It was the perfect day to do a bit of hiking (test out my healing foot!) and see all of the raptors they have!  Each of these birds can no longer live in the wild due to different injuries.  
VINS had interesting facts and the story of each bird--a very neat field trip!