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18 January 2018


We had lovely holidays, both Thanksgiving (where we walked to our neighbors house, rather than travel to another state for the day), and Christmas, cozy and warm at home.  After Thanksgiving, it was our annual two-day holiday craft market that I do with friends...always fun and always busy.

The kids have been enjoying the snow.  Little F has quite the tolerance for cold (and it has been COLD!) and will play for so long out in the snow.  

Adam has been working on logging and getting the wood cut for next winter.  I've been staying busy with homeschooling, cooking, baking (my first attempt at a cinnamon star, and Adam's Grandma's pierogis made when his brother's family came for a visit)  and crafting (Oliver and S "Garden Party dress" and this scarf (along with daily chores, of course).

AND, the most exciting news of 2018, we are expecting baby 5 in May! 

27 February 2017


After a couple months away from the blog, I'm going to try and post more regularly again.  

Life is so busy, even during the slowest months here on the farm.

We've enjoyed time in the wintry weather we've had, briefly enjoyed the natural ice rink in our field, worked on crafts of all kinds, spend hours cooking each week (I've finally figured out a sourdough rhythm that's working), try to keep up with schooling, celebrated two birthdays (F turned 4! and K turned 13!!), and tapped out and boiled three times now.  F and I visited a dear friend in Connecticut, and I took all of the kids to meet up with some of my family just this past week.  

We are hoping the warm days we've had this week will now hold off until spring so we can make some more syrup.   We aren't ready for spring yet!

15 February 2016

a cold, bright day

It is finally very cold here...normally this is typical for several weeks in January, but this year it feels shockingly cold, coming after such a mild winter.
I am so thankful for our woodheat (and for Adam waking several times a night to load the stove).  It is the only heat we have, but we are fortunate to have a cookstove in addition to our woodstove.  We use both when it is so cold.

One of our sows farrowed three days early, during this cold snap.  A pig's gestation is so short that each day early affects the outcome of the litter greatly.  We lost the whole litter.  Maybe if the weather was warmer, they would have fared better, but in any case, it is upsetting.  

The sun is shining brightly today, our walls are covered in valentines and the kids and I are readying for a visit with my parents (meeting up in the finger lakes of New York).

05 February 2016


February is always a restless month for me.   Maybe it's this warm weather we've been having, or the anticipation of sugaring, or the restless kids who are more and more reluctant to homeschool.  

Last week, we paused our afternoon routine to join Adam outside.  A neighbor wanted some trees taken down, so Adam and a friend cut them down and began stacking them logs for next year.  We lit a fire (and then Micah worked on making his own) and sipped tea and piled brush.  

This week, the warmth and the rains meant flooding all over the farm.  The kids got out their winter tubes and floating around.  It was a very wet, very fun afternoon.  We hoped a freeze-up would make a good ice rink, but it seems to be draining before a good freeze comes.

I am even out of the rhythm in the kitchen.  (Pictured are some biscuits that F helped me with--flat but tasty).  What foods have you been making lately?  I need some inspiration!  

We bought many of our syrup bottles, which wait stacked in our mudroom.  
And the seed order at work (the co-op where I work) came in this week...that's a sign of spring-right?