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28 January 2015

the rink this year

Some years, after a good January thaw, we end up with enough ice to clear it for an ice rink.
Remember our rink last year?  Well, it's not nearly as big.  But it's big enough for a hockey game and the boys have not minded the cold, cold temps...sometimes playing until dark.  

02 January 2015


We welcomed in the new year with a delicious lunch with friends.
And that night, started what we hope will be a regular winter activity.
We took an evening walk through our fields to the rail trail that borders our farm.
With a sled for M (and baby on my back), we walked to a bridge nearby...
and, in the darkness, found our neighbor who was also enjoying an evening walk.
Tonight, with less moonlight, we carried a lantern.
While dinner warmed in the stove, we walked through the cold wind and the darkness.
The busy road that cuts through our farm is quiet at night.  The whole farm is quiet.

29 December 2014

warm weekend

This is the time of year that Adam will try and do some logging out of our woods for next year's wood supply.  We only have about 2 acres, but because most of the trees are the same age and size, we need to thin the woods a bit for the health of the younger trees.

The warm weather this weekend made the kids eager to work on their fort, the animals happy to enjoy some sun and the chance for Mama to get outside with our sick little one for a bit.

06 October 2014

by hand

Adam decided to make our own corn silage this year from one acre of our sweet corn. 
We borrowed a chopper from a friend and used machetes to cut the corn, two rows at a time, and manually put it through the chopper.  It was, as many things are on our farm, a family effort. 
We laugh at how much work it was to make a little pile of silage, but it is 10 tons of feed that we have for winter from a crop that also provided a lot of sweet corn for markets and the farm stand.

26 February 2014


Looking forward to tapping out...
But enjoying these winter days until we start sugaring.

20 February 2014

around here

Some random shots around here...
where we get creative with baby carriers,
where we *still* have berries in the freezer, despite how many pies we are making,
where the snow is piling up,
where there is always a helper in the kitchen...
We are enjoying this winter!

07 February 2014

winter olympics

Our boys haven't seen the olympics (we don't have a TV) but they've heard about the winter games starting and have been curious about them.  Adam found some clips online to show the older boys and then they set out to make a ramp and track for their snow tubes.  
Even Aunt Em, who is here for a visit, tried it out!  It's a fast track!

17 January 2014

this week

I have to admit... this time of year I don't spend very much time outside. 
But there were a couple days this week that felt like spring-- smelled like spring, looked like spring with all of its sunshine and mud.
The kids and I took a walk in the woods while Adam finished up logging for next winter's wood.
It was nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.