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29 December 2014

warm weekend

This is the time of year that Adam will try and do some logging out of our woods for next year's wood supply.  We only have about 2 acres, but because most of the trees are the same age and size, we need to thin the woods a bit for the health of the younger trees.

The warm weather this weekend made the kids eager to work on their fort, the animals happy to enjoy some sun and the chance for Mama to get outside with our sick little one for a bit.

10 January 2014

a new stove

Our only source of heat is our woodstove.
We have an old cookstove that was in the farmhouse when we moved in (and came with the farmhouse when we bought it 5 years later).  For those first 5 years, we heated with that cookstove because we only used the main floor of the house. 
Then we inherited a beautiful old Vermont Castings from my uncle.  We still have the cookstove as well and use both on the coldest winter days.  The woodstove from my uncle served us well for these past 5 years, but has no working flues and recently cracked, so we have been burning through our wood very quickly and not able to control the temps very well. 
We decided to buy a Jotul stove and installed it today!  We made a trip of it and all took a ride to White River Junction to pick it up...stopping at the co-op and for lunch before heading home.
The old woodstove will now heat our workshop in the barn and the boys are currently warming up next to the new one.  It looks much smaller than our old stove but is supposed to work very efficiently.

The old stove on its way out.
Fenna watching Adam and our friend bring in the new stove.

Setting it up.

"I built me a flame late one night. When day is done, God will my flame never die." in Norwegian.

Fired up!